Fierces Corner | 4:44
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04 Jul 4:44

” Can’t leave rap alone the game needs me.” Jay-Z


I’m not going to sit here and say I am the biggest Jay Z fan because I am not.

I’m not going to sit here and say I have listened to every Jay Z album from front back because I haven’t.

What I will say is I love his wife. I will say you cannot deny this man as one of the best lyricist to ever do it. I will say You cannot deny how savvy of a businessman he is. And I will say 4:44 has garnered so much more respect from me towards this man.


I’ve seen the uproar on social media from Jay admitting to cheating on Beyoncé….. but he’s human & he’s a man. He’s going to & will continue to make mistakes. But what else did you take from this incredible book of knowledge? Did you hear the part about his mother who hid who she really was, a lesbian, & self medicated to take the pain away? Did you hear Jay say he doesn’t care who she loves as long as she is happy?


Did you hear Jay say he can’t drink Belvedere when P.Diddy has Ciroc? Did you hear him speak on how Jewish keeps money within their people and buy up all the properties? Did you hear Jay say the most important thing is credit?!?! If all you took from this album is the acknowledgement of cheating I feel bad for you.


Oh and how the hit dogs are hollering. Jay wants to give us knowledge but these so called “rappers” such as Future & Bootsie have their panties in a bunch. Steady posting pics with money to their ear. You would think they would appreciate, from one black man to another, the knowledge, the powerfulness, in Jays’ words…..but nope. They want to stay with the buffoonery.


I thank Jay Z for this powerful album. I appreciate this body of work he provided is with because he didn’t have to do it. From the beginning to the end you can learn something and if you don’t take anything away from this album then maybe you need to reevaluate yourself.

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