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04 Jun A Conversation with Kevo

Fierce: Hi Kevo How are you doing today? 

Kevo: I’m doing good.

Fierce: If you don’t mind, go introduce yourself and tell the people who you are. 

Kevo: My name is Kevo and I am an artist, author and actor from Houston, Texas.

Fierce: I want to touch on all aspects of your artistry. You’re an artist, author and actor. Who is Kevo as an artist, author, and actor and how they do they intertwine? 

Kevo: I am just an artist. I am an artist that has the ability to act and write which is are to me so it is not complicated. When I want to paint, I paint, when I want to write, I write, which is a different type of composition.

Fierce: You have the short film ‘Fate Befalls’, ‘Dumbish’, ’27 Grams’, & ‘Trapped. What was it like filming, producing, & writing and what inspired you? 

Kevo: The inspiration comes from whatever I am reflecting on at the time. 27 Grams is one of my books which is now a short film that can only be found in film festivals. With Trapped it came from us collectively talking about the inner city black men that are trapped and are trying to overcome and go looking for solutions. Dumbish I wasn’t involved with I was just an actor with no creative control. Befalls I just finished and I am waiting on the release date for that. Befalls tells the story of the rise & fall of a crime boss who wants to kill his son.

Fierce:Outside of the films you have your self published book Street Pamphlet and an audio book Absence of Color. Tell us about those 2 books and what was the inspiration behind both of them? 

Kevo: I wanted to do audio because the book was so short and it would not take me a lot of time to record. Absence of Color is a letter about the miseducation of black people. I felt it would be nice to listen to. I wrote it in 2009 and it refers to how there is no reference to color in Western Education. Us people of color do not learn about W.E.B.  Du Bois for example. We do not learn about people of color in schools.

Fierce: Overall as a person & artist, what do you want to accomplish with your works? 

Kevo: I don’t want to sound arrogant but something about me wants to be better, or the best, or great at what I do. I feel like one of the best artist and I want everyone to know that. I have the ability to do multiple things. It puts me in a space where I feel its hard to compare or for others to compete. I go into a zone an you won’t hear from me while im working but then I come back with 3 books filled of ideas. Right now Befalls is 3 books and a movie.

Fierce: What is next for Kevo? 

Kevo: I’m planning a book tour and I am writing  a thriller that I want to come out in October. I am hoping to have it edited beforehand so I can get it out by October.

Fierce: Where can people watch your films and purchase your books? 

Kevo: Anything as far as film will be on YouTube if not, it is in a film festival but all of my books are on amazon and make sure to leave reviews for the books

Fierce: Any lasting words you would like to leave for your fans or anyone who maybe wants to follow their dreams but do not know where to start? 

Kevo: I’m really thankful but the only thing that comes to mind to say….. is that y’all should expect to be better than me and better than anyone you can compare yourself to. I am very competitive. Be better than me and better than anyone you can compare me too.





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