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05 May A Kid Looking For Gold

Motel Eola has to be by far one of the most talented producers I have met. He has been featured on Fierces Corner before with his beat tape “Kids Looking For Gold” and as well visuals for his production. This young man is very talented and has a bright future ahead of him. I hope you all enjoy my interview with this musical genius.-Mz.Fierce


Fierce: Who is Motel Eola?

Motel Eola: The eldest son to a Nigerian father & mother and a 20 year old producer from South East London UK.


Fierce: Who Inspired you as a producer?


Motel Eola: Initially J Cole was the first producer that ignited my passion for hip hop production. Then of course as I began submerging myself within the art I had to do my research to better myself. From learning about DJ Premier’s legacy, 9th Wonder’s sample play, Oddisee’s break beat fusion, Alchemist rawness to Voli’s synth incorporation  and other great beat makers. Right now I am a massive Apollo Brown supporter, his past few album have been a credit to the art of hip hop.


Fierce: Where does your inspiration come from as far producing and coming up with a new sound?


Motel Eola: My inspiration comes from great albums. There’s nothing I  love more than hearing an album in its entirety from start to finish and walking away feeling i’ve learned and indirectly experience something another creative mind has accurately shaped out. I then take ingredients from different tracks from the album incorporating into my production. For example how 9th Wonders sample arrangement gives the record vibrancy and life, or how Apollo Brown’s use of thudding drums gives smooth samples an aggressive nature without being violent or overpowering so to speak. So my style that people enjoy is really the aspects I have pulled from all my favorites and meshed subtly together, without it being distinctly noticeable. I just have fun with it and try to outdo myself on each production.


Fierce:  Do you feel that your style and sound differs from the style of producing in the States since you are located in the UK?


Motel Eola: To be honest I feel my sound isn’t restricted by region. Listeners are always so surprised to discover i’m from the UK, as if it should be a representation of my skill level or music taste. When really music had become so wide spread and accessible that anyone can sound like anywhere. However I fully support UK music and make it proudly known at every opportunity where i’m from. I learned how to produce hip hop from the world, but London UK is where I practiced my craft.



Fierce: Explain the music scene there in London? Does hip hop play a large part there in London as far as the life style and music scene?


Motel Eola: Hip hop definitely plays a large part in London nowadays more than it did just a couple of years ago. There are more showcases and opportunities for artist on the come up. More lyrical artist are breaking into the mainstream radio play such as Wretch 32 & Devlin. There’s a very noticeable fashion shift as a result of music changes. Personally as long as I have a plain black tee i’m satisfied, i’m only a sucker for jackets, and at that I only own a small amount anyway.


Fierce: What type of producer would you label yourself as in regards to the genre of music that you make?


Motel Eola: A proud producer, if there is such thing. In everything I create I make sure first and foremost I think it’s incredible before I even think of showing it to anyone. I impress myself first before any other person, when listeners think it’s impressive too then that’s the icing on the cake for me. The worst thing ever would be releasing music that people didn’t gravitate to, knowing that you yourself didn’t even love it initially.



Fierce: What is it about you and your music that makes you stand out and would make someone say that they want to you use you versus someone else?


Motel Eola: Firstly I believe quality is everything, and this can never be rushed or sacrificed to meet any deadline or other obligations. When I produce a record for an artist it’s a co-operation between both minds. Sometimes I leave full control of the record to the artist if they have a clear direction they want to take the track to, in these cases I make sure the record is technically correct if needed. For example advising the artist about how the vocals should sit, chorus dynamics etc. On other occasions I have a vision for the beat I give an artist, we discuss ideas and concepts and come to an agreement and experiment to produce the best end material. Making sure the record is incredible is the top priority to me.


Fierce: With your next beat tape what type of style are you trying to go with this?


Motel Eola: My debut “Kids Looking For Gold” was me showcasing the wide spectrum my production can cover in a high quality manner. My follow up to this is more tighter in sound choices and really shows just how much i’ve honed in on my production since the last time. Listeners can expect even more incredible and creative sample play, sharper solid drums, and an array of additional instrumentation to compliment the beats. I hope to have this beat tape cement me at least on everyone’s list as the definite producer to watch out for.



Fierce:If this does not go the way that you want, is there a plan B?


Motel Eola: I remember watching an interview were rapper Ab-Soul was asked a similar question, he said something along the lines of “if this rap s*** don’t work i’ma be on a park bench somewhere, that ain’t too bad” I hope I possess enough boldness to pursue music through the good and bad and accept the outcome with grace.


Fierce:  Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and or supporters?


Motel Eola: Thank you to everyone who has supported me by purchasing my music, sharing my music with friends and family, given me feedback and taken the time to interact with me. By doing this you’ve allowed me to be able continue sharing incredible music with you, be bold enough to take new directions with my sound, and given me room to elevate my skills at every opportunity. Everyone has shown me so much positive energy and encouragement it’s great to know I have genuine support. Because of this I do my best to make sure my appreciation for everyone is known all the time. Peace & Love and do what you do.


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