Fierces Corner | A SOULful Moment With Jeffrey
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01 Jun A SOULful Moment With Jeffrey

Jeffrey De Soul is a mystery. A intriguing mystery that may possibly never be solved. He has the type of talent that makes you come to him instead of him seeking out his audience. His soulful voice entwined with his emotional, heartfelt melodies makes for very passionate music.  I am very humbled that he trusted me enough for an interview and that he is allowing us to take a peek in to his world. So I hope you all enjoy our SOULful Moment with Jeffrey. -Fierce 


Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you, can you please introduce yourself? 

Jeffrey: My name is Jeffrey, I’m 19 years old and I sing songs sometimes.

Fierce: Exactly who is Jeffrey de Soul and why is there such a mystery surrounding yourself? 

Jeffrey: I’m a kid that writes music in hopes of giving people moments. I guess I’m unintentionally mysterious. I’m pretty shy and introverted unless I’m comfortable around you. Plus you wouldn’t want to know about me if you knew everything about me

Fierce: Do you like the mystery that surrounds you? And if so why? 

Jeffrey: Yeah, I guess. I’m not really into attention. I’d rather be low profile and let the music speak for me. But I understand I can’t hide forever if I want to grow, that’s something me and my manager John know [laughs].

Fierce: So I know I am not the only one that thought you were from the UK and I apologize about that. Where are you from? And why does everyone think you are from the UK? 

Jeffrey: Well I live in New York currently. I really embrace British culture because growing up I would go between London and New York a lot for about 4 years. I would spend my school year in the states, and my summers in Liverpool. It really influences my music. I grew up idolizing Craig David. I’ll be in the UK in a few weeks should be fun.

Fierce: You have worked with artists from the UK such as Olivia Louise who is one of my absolute favorites. What was it like working with her? 

Jeffrey: Olivia is really cool, we’ve become great friends and she really understands me musically. She’s probably one of the better songwriters I know. I remember when I sent her the Happy Hour beat, she sent me back her whole bit within 45 minutes, recorded and everything. That song is going to be on the soundtrack of Noel Clarke’s new British box office movie “Legacy.” We have more songs recorded and we’re working on her EP.

Fierce: Listening to your music and following you on Twitter, you speak a lot on love and relationships. What is your definition on love?  

Jeffrey: Ha wow, that’s a tough question. The kind of love I believe in isn’t the type most of my generation believes in. I don’t believe in a half-assed love. If I’m gonna love you, I’m gonna love you with every piece of my heart, body and soul. I’m going to dedicate my life to you and making you happy. I tailor the way I act now around the fact that one day I’m going to have to explain to my love what kind of man I was when I was 19. I want to be able to tell her I was a good respectful man. I don’t want to ever have to lie to my love. I know we’re going to argue and bicker but real love doesn’t break for anything or anyone. Love for me isn’t an instagram post of me and “bae”. You can’t take a picture of love.

Fierce: Speaking of twitter, a lot of artist use it to promote their music but I don’t see you on there a lot. Why is that?  

Jeffrey: I like when people come find me. I don’t want to be on your dashboard begging for your attention. Most of the things I tweet are mental notes to myself or song lyrics or music stuff I have to tweet. If you listen to my music and you connect with it, I hope you’ll tell a friend. We do little to none social media and thousands of people are still able to find the music and share it. We grow in numbers everyday and that’s a blessing. Something big is going to happen soon, I can’t spoil the details but things are going to get fun soon.

Fierce: How does love and relationships inspire your music? 

Jeffrey: My songs aren’t necessarily about my life but more about my unfiltered thoughts. I write very quickly and sometimes not at all. Very little of my latest track with Juan Cristobal “Summer In The Hamptons” is written material. But I like to think of my tunes as movies. I get to write the script about love and relationships sometimes. I might throw a line or two in there about a girl I know, if it makes for a good moment though. My debut album should be very personal to my life when that time comes, until then I can only ask for your patience.

Fierce: Are you mysterious when it comes to your personal life? 

Jeffrey: I guess. Not a lot of people know about my personal life and I’d be lying if I said I wanted it any other way. Things get messy when people are always in your business.

Fierce: What is Jeffrey like when you are not wrapped up in your music? 

Jeffrey: I’m a very passionate person. I like Caribbean food, being around good vibes, sports and traveling. One of the only forms of social media I like is Tumblr. I like Tumblr because I can get an idea of what the rest of the world looks like without leaving my room. But I kind of hate Tumblr because it gives people less motivation to leave their room.

Fierce: Are you as romantic in real life as you sound in your music? 

Jeffrey: Depends on who you talk to but I think so. At 19 you’d think I’d be running around trying to bed every woman I meet but that’s just not me. If I see something in you and I’m going to deal with you I’m going to treat you like a queen. I’ve matured pretty quickly and when and if I find my queen, I’m gonna dress her in gold. If that’s what she’s into [Laughs]. I’m ready now but God will have her come out of hiding when it’s time. I hate the games that my generation plays. I get scared sometimes cause I don’t wanna spend my life chasing money and end up with a soul-less woman that weds me out of money like most of the people I know but I think God got me. Like I said, I’m ready but I don’t dwell on that. I try to keep focus.

Fierce: Have you ever experienced heartbreak that has inspired you to write a song or songs? 

Jeffrey: I don’t write songs about my own heartbreak but I have songs that I can play whenever that happens. Time Ill Spent is one of those songs. KR$CHN the producer asked me to write about wasting time on a girl and I did it. I once had a random girl tell me she cried when she heard it and tell me those lyrics were very mean and I felt pretty bad for a while. But other people told me that it helps them cope so I take the good with the bad. I just wanted to make it like the male alternative r&b “Scrubs” or the part 2 to The Lumineers’ “Stubborn Girl”

Fierce: Besides love, who or what else inspires you when it comes to your music? 

Jeffrey: Definitely God. He/She has been blessing me so much my whole life and especially as of late and that’s infinite inspiration. My friends and family inspire me too. My life can get really interesting and that has to have some influence on the music too. I know people flip out when I hint at God being a woman but my Mum is pretty awesome and she’s a woman, why can’t God be?

Fierce: What’s your thoughts on the state of music currently? Some people may say that it has lost its soulfulness and substance that it use to have and the messages it use to carry. 

Jeffrey: I think that’s a lazy hipster thing to say. With the internet now, you’re able to listen to underground bands from Bangladesh all the way from the States if you want. There’s so much music to listen to now, someone out there is making something you would want to listen to, go find it. I’ve been listening to a lot of vintage India.Arie as of late. Her Voyage to India album hits my soul. She’s a goddess, I’d love to just talk to her about life. And I’ve been knocking my talented rapper friend Sebz P, look him up, he’s got something. I listen to everything though, earlier today I was listening to Vybz Kartel and then it shuffled to Coldplay, I thought that was funny. [Laughs]

Fierce: How do you feel about the world and the people in it period? Especially with all that is happening? 

Jeffrey: I feel a lot of people are cruel and we should all love each other. Racism, cyber bullying, war, hunger, all those things ache my soul. They stole girls from Nigeria… innocent young girls. Somebody’s daughter didn’t come home from school. Sh*t like that kills me. I’m working on starting my own charity soon, I don’t know what it’s going to be yet but it’s going to help the world hopefully.

Fierce: I understand you are currently working on an EP that I cannot wait to hear. Do you have a name for it and what can we expect from you on the EP? 

Jeffrey: [Laughs] They told you about that? I’m working on something. I can play you something from it whenever you have time. We have a name, but we’re going through some changes with it right now so I’ll let you know. This EP is different. It’s darker. I haven’t recorded a love song or anything yet and I’m still debating on putting one on there. Untamed Flowers is probably the best song I’ve ever written and it’s about love. The EP is about life and somebody’s battle with finding a place in the world. Also I show my vocal range a lot more and the words are beautiful and scary to me. But I’ll probably find a way to work love in at some point. People complain that I do too many songs for other producers’ projects but I smile cause I know I’m saving the best stuff for mine. Except for “Untamed Flowers”, that’s my baby and I gave it to Gautier.

Fierce: Who are some of the producers that you are working with on this project? 

Jeffrey: I usually work with Genuardi, this talented producer from New York. But we might take a different approach and open up to production from a few other producers. Everybody’s sent some great beats and I’ve recorded on a lot of them and I have some songs that we’re confident about. We’re still listening though.

Fierce: Your music when I listen to it kind of reminds me of Drake just a little but it is still different because of who you are. Do you ever get comparisons to other artist and does it bother you in a way or no? 

Jeffrey: I get that and The Weeknd sometimes. It used to bother me until I realized that people were comparing me to two of the biggest acts in music. It’s human nature to compare what you have, to what you’ve had.

Fierce: How would you describe yourself as an artist? 

Jeffrey: As an artist I work with words and melody but I’m not just a singer or a songwriter. I don’t want to make music all my life. I want to write screen plays, I want to build things and architect artistry. I’ve already  started doing some of those things and doors have opened thankfully. Some have been slammed in my face but I’m a fighter.

Fierce: How would you describe Jeffrey as a man? 

Jeffrey: I don’t think I’d be able to describe myself as man but I know how I want to be described. The way that India.Arie describes the man in her song “Good Man.” That’s how I want to be remembered. I want my wife to feel that way about me. That I had no bad intentions and I loved everyone and hated nobody. I want the people to know I wanted to help everybody. I’ve been listening to that song on repeat trying to figure out how to be like that.

Fierce: Where do you see yourself in the future with your music and your personal life? 

Jeffrey: Hopefully I’m able to make sure my mother is comfortable. She’s my world. I hate what money does to people and families, I’ve watched it nearly tear apart my own. I don’t want that for my family. Hopefully I’ll be married and living for my wife and kids. I’d love to have people to clap for, I want to be my wife’s biggest fan and I want to be the dad yelling at football matches. I want my music to still touch people no matter how many albums I make. I want the music to help people remember moments and people.

Fierce: Where can people find your music? 

Jeffrey: You can follow me on soundcloud at or my twitter and tumblr at @jeffreydesoul or travel to for all that good stuff.

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and or supporters? 

Jeffrey: To everybody supporting, I love you all. When I released His & Hers with my brother Rellz on iTunes I was scared that nobody would support it, and being able to look at over 10,000 supporters on the initial report was one of the better things to ever happen to me. We’re just some kids with dreams. I’m going to pay you all back with so much free music this year. I’m indebted to you all.


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