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15 Jun Kuzzo Fly

Fierce: For those who are not familiar with the name Kuzzo Fly please introduce yourself?  Kuzzo: My name is Kuzzo Fly  and I am from California born and raised. I started out with a group called Kuzzos and then I went solo. I was apart of ...

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14 Jun Perfection With Ash

"Let's forget them and just enjoy the ride"  -Ash I interviewed Ash back in the earlier part of this year and if music ever needed a breath of fresh air we have it in this young lady. Her views on life and love is different from what...

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23 Feb Miss Erin Emanii

Erin Emanii Carter was born and raised in Golden State, California. At age 6 she relocated to Michigan, were she experienced the majority of her childhood. Since becoming an adult, Erin has traveled the country in pursuit of her dreams as a model. Erin’s friends would describe her...

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23 Feb Moteleola feat Olivia Louise- Scorpio

'Varnished in thick boom-bap-like drums, smooth deep filtered piano keys, and soft luscious vocals, "Scorpio" produced by Moteleola is the sharp realization of the importance of showing the one you love just how much you appreciate them, written and performed by Olivia-Louise from Chester, UK.'   2 of my absolute faves...

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23 Feb Malcybaby-Late Night Remedies

Late Night Remedies EP by Malcybaby is a story of instrumentals inspired by the mood and energy the night tends to give as one deals with the loneliness in striving for an individual dream but finds an addictive comfort with a distant lover. Producer Malcybaby bridges the gap between...

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26 Jan Shawn Kent

This interview was conducted back in November of 2o14. I can say once again I truly enjoyed this interview with this young and up and coming artist. There is many layers to this young that I hope the world gets to see one day. -Fierce      Fierce:...

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