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22 Jun Beauty is Her Name

I told her our interview would last for about 20 minutes. It lasted I believe over an hour. Speaking with Kai you will see that she is way more than a pretty face. She has beauty, brains, and body. She is a triple that. She wears multiple hats that she wears well and she carries herself with grace . Take a look at her Instagram and you will see that. She is also inspiring our next generations of young girls that no matter what you go through, your past does not define your future. I definitely enjoyed my conversation with her. She inspired me to be more open about my past as well and even gave me great tips on how to lose weight. I hope you all enjoy my talk with Kai as much as I did. -Mz. Fierce 


Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you can you please introduce yourself? 

Kai: My name is Kai and I go by Kai Patterson.  I am a  full figured model. I am also 17 years strong  in the military as well I am a motivational speaker and I am a entrepreneur with my own networking business. I have been on a few tv shows and I am working on a few shows now as well. I am also currently working on a project to stop sex trafficking of teenage girls as well as breast cancer.  
Fierce: How did you get your start in modeling? 

Kai: I actually got my start years ago. I don’t like  to tell my age but when I was in high school I  was always told to model and that I  had the physique to be a model. I  tried it and then it got to be discouraging because I  have always had a butt and I was super skinny and I would go to casting calls and it would be going good till I got to the fittings and I could not fit the clothes. They would find items to make it work because I only had a butt and no hips but over time, it started to change. I started to feel modeling was not for me and with me having honor grades and earning scholarships I decided to go into the marine corps. I was not afraid of the physical part because I was always athletic and I wanted to see the world. Years later I was asked about modeling again but I did not want to do it because I was not as small and I did not want to be seen as a full figured model but after thinking about it…i got into it and it has been a blessing.   

Fierce: Who or what inspires you when it comes to fashion as well as modeling? 

Kai: Queen Latifah and Monique because they are plus size but they have paved the way as well as Oprah. They are not models but they have struggled with their weight and they have been in the lime light and dealt with it. A lot of the plus size models out there now are younger than me so there aren’t any I can say I look up too but I like how they carry themselves.  

Fierce: You took a little break from modeling for awhile and received a Bachelors and a Masters Degree. Do your degrees work for you in this business? 

Kai: No because they  like to know what shows you have done and look at your resume in the fashion sense. Now if I had a degree in fashion it might work on the design side but a lot of people look at it as maturity.  

Fierce: Modeling has changed from the days of Iman, Beverly Johnson and Tyra Banks. It’s not just high fashion or couture any more. What are your thoughts on the changes? 

Kia: Like you said I  think one of the things that has changed from the days of Iman and Tyra is  it was high fashion modeling. They  were great representatives of the garments. Everyone now thinks that they are a model  but they are not. They may  do a few shows but they don’t have what it takes. They do not have the correct training or it does not come naturally. Yes it has changed and one of the issues that I  run into because I am curvy they look at you like a video model chick and that is not the case with me. I  have been approached  to do lingerie and videos; they look at models now like sex sells.  

Fierce: How do you feel about the changes of the modeling world being more  accepting of all sizes now especially curvy women?

Kai: I think it is a great thing. Women with curves are more relatable to the every day woman. You see more voluptuous women then skinny women; and there is nothing wrong with skinny women but it shows it is okay to be healthy and curvy because there is a difference from being curvy and obese. I encourage women to be healthy. We model but the world needs to see that we are more than curves. When you are a curvy model its hard. You have to work hard to maintain your shape because when a agency picks you up, you have to maintain that size. If you are a 12 when they pick you up they want you to be a 12. I love the way society is embracing curvy women. I love my curves but at the same time I  want to be healthy. 


Fierce: You are also a mentor to young girls as well. How important is that to you helping the next generation of young ladies coming up? 

Kai: It is very important to me because growing  up I really did not have it all  and as a young lady we experienced so much growing up with pedophiles and rapes and a lot of kids keep it to themselves. They do not have anyone that they can talk to who they feel cares about them. Those are the ones that I  love to take under my wing. Everything that happened to me was meant to happen  because it has made me the woman that I  am and the mother that I am. I was the  victim of rape and molestation and I see it as a positive and not a negative. I see it as a motivator. It  made me strong and it did not break me. That is what I try to encourage to other women. You can grow from this. 
Fierce: Now you act as well; you were on Have and Have Nots and Resurrection, and you are currently  shooting a reality TV Show. Is acting your next big step? And can you talk about the new show?  

Kai: I can’t talk about the reality TV show but its going to be a good show. It’s  going to be something that a lot of people can relate too. A lot of people will see me and say you’re so pretty but they will see the pain behind the beauty and how day to day life is like for me.  


Fierce: Where can people find or see your work? 

Kai: My website is in the process and I  have been working on it for some time now. They just sent it back to me so it is being coded right now.  

Fierce: Anything you would like to say to your fans? 

Kai: Of course a big thank you and I encourage them to keep pushing.  Don’t let anyone stop you. You’re the only one that can stop you. If you have someone in your life and they  are not there pushing you and supporting your dream you do not need them. Heaven is the limit. 


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