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10 Mar Carolina Records Presents…..Hoss Brown

Never judge a book by it’s cover. Who would have known that Hoss was so articulate, or he was an English major, or that he is in the process of writing a novel. From the outside looking in you may not think that, but it is all true. But it also shows how your life can take an unexpected turn and put you in a place where you possibly never imagined you would be. But Hoss has not let that stop him. With his drive and determination to live a better life, and him linking  up with Carolina Records, and is currently in the process of releasing a new mixtape No Losses. There is no doubt in my mind that with his strong team behind him and his mindset he will be very successful. His story is definitely a Rags to Riches and just shows that no matter where you are from, your past does not define you. -Mz.Fierce 


Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you can you please introduce yourself?

Hoss: My name is Hoss Brown, my rap name, and I am trying to bust myself in the rap game. I stopped for a minute but now I am back at it. The buzz is tremendous, my inbox is buzzing and everyone is hitting me up and wanting me to do shows and Pervis my manager is working on it. I love the work that Pervis and Eric are putting in and I am trying to push through the forefront to make sure my kids are straight, my family straight, and all my little thugs. I am trying take them with me.

Fierce: Tell us about yourself and how did you get your start in music?

Hoss: My start in music came from my love of music from an older cousin who was in a tape club and they would send him new tapes once a month. He would put his radio in the window and my cousins and I would dance outside to it. Also my father was also playing music in the house and I found myself beginning to write raps.

Fierce: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Hoss: I am hungry. The concept is great, it’s different, it’s street but I am a street dude. I speak about what I have been through and I also have an ear for great beats. That is why I like Ross so much, his ear for beats are impeccable, and he definitely inspires me more than anybody else. He is raw and that is how I feel about me. I am raw and I have much love from the streets and respect.

Fierce: Now you had to take a little break from the music when you unfortunately were incarcerated. How was that like for you and did it change you in anyway?

Hoss: Time is for the birds. You can’t get money how you want to, you can’t get women how you want to, and you can’t even eat how you want to. It was like I was in a cage, they locked my body but they didn’t lock my mind and I was still writing. It matured me and once I was released, I started spending more time with my kids instead of just being there financially. It definitely elevated me because I wrote so much. I went to South Carolina State University and I was an English major. I did not finish but I wrote two novels and one of them I am going to make a trilogy but I am going to try to get all that in order.

Fierce: Fast forward to the present, you have linked up with Carolina Records, how did that move come about?

Hoss: Well um Pervis (Co-Founder of Carolina Records) and I we saw each other and he knew about me with the music. I saw what they (Carolina Records) were doing and I knew those guys were hustling. We had a sit down and he told me his plans and what he could bring to the table and the rest is history.

Fierce: You have a mixtape coming out. That is exciting tell us about that?

Hoss: The music is street.  The beats are hard. I’ve got something for the ladies, the strippers. I try to keep it 100 percent of what I have been through and tell my story. I have some crew on it that’s nor CR (Carolina Records) and some partners from my hood as well. This is my first official mixtape. Before I was making CDs you know to make a couple of dollars here and there but this will make noise.

Fierce: You linking up with Carolina Records what do you hope to accomplish with your music?

Hoss:  I want to accomplish just breaking loose and seeing some real money that my mama and my kids can be proud of. My grind will be resilient and people will know I am here to stay, like I am no one hit wonder.  I am going to stay loyal to the people that are loyal with me now. I am loyal so it takes a lot for me to fall off.

Fierce: Do you feel like this is your last chance to really make something with your music?

Hoss: Well you know you should never feel like that. You know the devil always try to take shots but if you know you have what it takes you should never give up hope unless you’re 80 years old and cripple. The music scene hasn’t gotten to our region but once it does you will see a lot of shining stars. SC is so far behind right now but we just have to keep pushing that envelope.

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans or supporters?

Hoss: I love the support and I am definitely going to show and prove to my fans, my family, my hustlers and my customers. The mixtape is coming its called No Losses and it has the streets going bananas right now. Shout to Pervis and Eric. CR.  And also shout out my customers.

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