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09 Feb Carolina Records presents Waata Boi

Coming out of Beaufort, South Carolina and singing with Carolina Records, I give you Waata Boi. This has been an interview that was a long time coming. Speaking with Waata Boi I could hear the hunger in his voice and the determination to not let his family nor his team down. I can honestly say with his team (Blizo and Pervis) Waata Boi is headed for much success. –Mz. Fierce

Fierce: Can you introduce yourself for the ones who are not familiar with you?

Waata: Well I am Waata Boi born Aaron and raised in the Beaufort area. I am just a dude out here trying to get it and trying to take care of my family. I love music and I thank God for Blizo and P for believing in me and giving me the opportunity for the world to hear my music.

Fierce: Tell us a little about Waata Boi and who you are as a person and a man?

Waata: Pretty much I am just like any other dude out here. I am hungry; I want to make sure my family eats. I take care of my kids, my grandmother and my girl, and as long as they straight I am straight.

Fierce: Reading your bio, before you became an artist you were living the street life. What you made you leave the streets alone?

Waata: I mean it’s one of those things. It’s hard to leave that street life. Everything happens so fast and it’s an addiction. It’s hard to leave it alone but I know I will have to leave it alone eventually.

Fierce: What interested you about music that made you want to become a part of this industry?

Waata: I just feel like I have been through a lot and I have a lot of creativity which comes out naturally. I can tell my story, I am different, and I want the world to hear it.

Fierce: How would you describe your artistry?

Waata: It’s mostly southern. I am not a super lyricist, I am not a Jay Z or a Nas but I like to tell a story through my music. I want it to have a message behind it when people listen to it.

Fierce: Would you say your music is more for the streets or do you feel you have what it takes to be able to cross over?

Waata: Definitely with music that I have made thus far is for the streets. It’s hood, its trap music. I do want to cross over that is the goal with Blizo and P. They are the brains behind the program and that’s where the checks are at with the crossover appeal.

Fierce: What was it about Carolina Records that made you want to be signed to them?

Waata: They caught my attention at another award show down in Georgia. They had won song of the year when they were working with Harvey Boy and I was like these guys know what they are doing. I had a fan base and they did as well and we put them together and now it’s a force to be reckoned with.

Fierce: What do you feel Waata Boi brings to the SC music scene and what are you trying to accomplish with your music?

Waata: First and foremost I want to get those checks. I want people to see there is talent down here in Beaufort. You know Candice won American Idol last year and I want people to see there is talent down here and Lord willing I be the first guy to get on and show these young guys a way on how to do it.

Fierce: Do you truthfully believe you have what it takes to stand out amongst not just SC indie artist but other artist trying to cross over to the big leagues when it comes to music?

Waata: I know I have what it takes. I am a natural born leader, I am a boss, and I can stand next to the best. It will just take a lot of hard work and dedication but my team is working hard so we got next.

Fierce: What is next for Waata Boi?

Waata: We are working on my next mixtape Bobby Bushay and hopefully this summer it will drop. We also signed another contract for our videos so more visuals coming your way and a tour as well is in the works.

Fierce: Where can people find your music?

Waata: I am on Facebook carolinahiphopmusic. I don’t have no problem people adding me on my personal page Waata Milledge and twitter Waata. Follow Blizo on twitter JackBlizo and YouTube Carolina Records. All of our videos Aare on there so you can find us.

Fierce: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Waata: First and foremost I want to thank Blizo and P for giving me the opportunity for my music to be heard and believing in me. Those are the smartest dudes I have met since doing music. I appreciate all my fans and supporters who shared my first video and retweeted. Thank You.


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