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18 Aug James Mark (JM)

I had the pleasure of speaking to James Mark also known as JM. This man is truly the meaning of a businessman and speaking with him was very delightful. He is a man with a lot on his plate literally but is getting his feet...

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11 Aug Sean Lyric

Sean Lyric. He is a man that at a young age came from Haiti to the USA and here is where he discovered his love for music. Sean is a man of strong faith who is not afraid to share it either. I was able...

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22 Jul T.Dash

Yes, Yes, and Yes. I have a R&B singer on my site. And not just any singer he is a diverse singer who is working to make not only a better life for himself but his family as well. I absolutely love his voice and...

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The W.A.I.T is finally over! I finally have RnS (Respect n Salute) on Fierces Corner. 3 young man bought together by the love of music and wanting to make a mark on the world. I enjoyed speaking to them and I was glad that I...

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08 Jul A Date with Destinee

Destiny or fate is a predetermined course of events. And even though her name is spelled with 2 e's it does not take away that singing is Destinee's destiny. She is a well rounded artist that has found her voice as you can. And she is ready to...

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