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15 Aug Fool For You-The Blancos

You know how sometimes you're not even looking for something but you find what you're looking for? I've found what I've been missing. I was listening to another artist on Soundcloud when all of a sudden this voice comes through the speakers. It's masculine,raspy,soulful, and...

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14 Aug English Letters-Favela

Favela, an electronic producer, releases his second EP English Letters. I honestly have never heard of Favela until I now. I honestly love when these gems pop up in my inbox. I listened to English Letters I would have to say 3x's and it is an...

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30 Jul All I Want-Eleanor

UK singer/songwriter Eleanor releases her new single "All I Want." It's a tantalizing anthem for all females when it comes to us expressing ourselves and conveying what it is we want and, Eleanor does just that with her smooth, cool, crisp voice over this fun...

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24 Jul Roses-The Penelopes

‘Roses’ is again a nostalgic, electro-pop track from the Parisian art-pop duo, matched to a set of striking visuals from the acclaimed Ukrainian director Alina Gordiyenko. A juxtaposition of intimacy and melancholy set within a ruinous backdrop, ‘Roses’ presents what Gordiyenko describes as “The personal struggle...

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24 Jul Zanzibar-Kamaliza

This song is just absolutely beautiful. I know y'all get tired of me describing songs as such but sometimes I come across songs where really you cannot describe it, you just have to play it and let others hear it for themselves.  So take a...

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24 Jul Rituals-Antonio Ramsey

"Riding in my droptop You up in your crop top Shining while we running through the hood"  -Antonio Ramsey    What happened to our rituals Antonio Ramsey asks. Rituals is a song coming from a young man wondering what happened to the love he had with his woman. Wondering...

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