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22 Oct Beckwith

This man can saaaaannnnnggggg!!!!! When i hear great music I get excited like a kid in a candy store and he has me excited!!!!! His voice is beautiful,soulful,and inviting. He embodies R&B. And he is not bad looking at all ladies. He is Beckwith and...

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20 Oct Jeffrey De Soul

I was introduced to Jeffrey De Soul by the beautiful and talented Olivia Louise. They did a song together "Happy Hour" (Sad Times) and yes I fell in love with this song as well. You know how you can listen to a song and it...

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20 Oct Motel Eola

Motel Eola was my introduction to the UK. He was first featured on my site when it was just When I heard his beat tape I knew I was on to something. I was so freaking excited to hear something new and different and...

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20 Oct Richard Osborne

Richard Osborne. When I first heard his music I was instantly captivated. I honestly love his music. I tell him that every time that he releases something new because I truly do. His new EP will be releasing soon but until then enjoy one of...

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13 Oct Edgar Penwork-The Report (Prod. By MotelEola)

The first release from Vancouver MC Edgar Penwork’s upcoming “Waves Motel” EP (sponsored by, “The Report” is a current commentary on the issues gracing today’s newspapers… Over soulful production supplied by London-based producer Moteleola (@Moteleola1st), Penwork (@EdgarPenwork) decides to share his perspective on the...

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13 Oct Lucky Catch-JohnNY U.

"Lucky Catch" by JohnNY U is the second video from the BRTH A N8TN compilation album released Summer 2013. This video comes just before JohnNY U is set to release his second solo project titled "Higher Intelligence Giving Hints (H.I.G.H.)" (Fall 2013). BRTH A N8TN is...

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