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22 Jun Chain $moke

 Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you please introduce yourself?

TBR Music Group consist of rap duo Chain$moke, Solo MC Spayc3, and Dj/Producer Aajay. We are a music collective based out of Houston, Texas.

Fierce: Who makes up the group Chain$moke?

Chain$moke consist of Mic.B and JD. We were originally named just TBR but as we started to expand the brand and & pick up other artist we decided to give ourselves another identity, and with the move to Houston a new name seemed right.

Fierce: How did you all get your start in music and end up becoming a group as well?

We both grew up in Garland, Texas where we grew fond of music through friends and family. We actually met in High School from a DJ who placed one of each of our songs on his mix tape and mentioned we were from the same city. Funny story, we actually went to the same High School. We met up for a collab, and honestly the rest is history. We’ve been on this journey for 8+ years.

Fierce: I read that you all use psychoactive substances that play a part in the music that you create. Can you explain what a psychoactive substance is and how does it help in your creativity when it comes to your music?

A Psychoactive substance is a substance that alters the brain or nervous system.  We like to get trippy when we make music!  Chain$moke is not just a name, it’s a lifestyle.

Fierce: Besides the psychoactive substance what else drives your creativity and inspires you all to do music?

Great artist inspire creativity, as well as the everyday life struggle. We feed off so much different energy that we take every song per day.

Fierce:  I read that 3 EP’s were going to be released in April of 2014 each with a different idea and focus on music. Can you tell us about each one of those EP’s?

Spacy3- Planet X dropped 4.11.14, which is his debut EP under TBR Music Group. This project is a upbeat banger with a southern flavor. You can check out the lead single Th3 Count @

Chain$moke self-titled EP dropped 4.20.14 which is a laid back classic. Half of the EP we produced ourselves which expanded the creativity we put into it. Lead single Losing my mind produced by Aajay can be found @

Aajay’s self-titled EP will be dropping early June. This EP is a House/EDM project, which features music for every type of mood. If you are not familiar with style of music, please pay attention next month!

Fierce: What type of message or vibe do you try to convey in your music or would like your audience to receive while listening?

The versatility that comes out of our camp prevents us from being able to pin one message or vibe to what we do. We make music for every emotion and/or situation that we run into. But you better believe 99% of every song will have a Mary Jane reference.

 Fierce: What is some of the best advice that you have received since you started pursuing your music?

One of our first managers Kuwn Dalini who passed away a few years back taught us about consistency. I think the key to being a great artist is being consistent, consistently learning, consistently pushing the limits, consistently promoting, performing etc. RIP KUWN

Fierce: Where can people find your music?

All of our music is free to download on

You can also stream them from Spotify, Itunes, Sony Music, Xbox Radio, Amazon etc.

Stay tuned to

And @Trulybetterraps

Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and supporters?

Thank you for your support and staying by our side through all of these years. We strive to be the best and we will be on this journey until we prevail!


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