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03 Nov Classik Music

Fierce:  For those who are not familiar with Classik can you please introduce yourself?

Classik: It’s your boy Classik coming live from Dallas, Texas. I am the next R&B artist coming up and follow me on Twitter @realclassik.

Fierce: Tell us how did Classik get introduced to music?

Classik: Basically I grew up listening to my father and he was a singer and had his own group. He would sing around the house and listening to him I started to sing and I was like I sound alright and started to receive good feedback from different people and went for it.

Fierce: Who were some of your biggest influences growing up musically and as well personally with your life?

Classik: My influences I would have to say my father and industry wise Michael Jackson, Tyrese and August Alsina. He is dope and you know those are my influences.  I research their background and try to see how they did it and it motivates me to continue with what I am doing.

Fierce: Would you say that you are typical R&B singer or are you more of the new age singers?

Classik: I basically I think that I have my own type of style. I don’t try to give the people what they have already seen. I try to be different and have my own type of style and give them me.

Fierce: Do you feel that R&B has lost its true feeling? Back In the day R&B was about love gaining and loosing and now it’s more about sex and popping bottles?

Classik: Not necessarily like I said I feel like it’s all about honesty and I feel that a lot of artist are being honest and of course it is about love too. I look at myself and I talk about love but I talk about the one night stands too. That is reality and that happens. I am telling my story and I do not feel that it is losing its essence. The artist are being honest. They are just telling people that not everyone is falling in love.

Fierce: What were some of the biggest obstacles that you have had to face and still face today regarding your career and where you want to take it?

Classik: The biggest obstacles would have to be just kind of staying motivated. I am always motivated but sometimes things do not go as you expect. You have to stay true to yourself because you can go through dark spells in this industry. One month people are feeling you and the next month you are not getting feedback. It’s just the obstacles I go through. I have my ups and downs but I get through them and remain positive.

Fierce: What do you feel that Classik can bring to the table as far as your artistry to this industry to be able to stand out to be noticed?

Classik: I think being edgy and um I guess being honest and being different things of that nature. I can go on and on but those are the top 3 things that will get me out there and get me noticed. I try to have a different voice and be honest and edgy.

Fierce: What message or type feeling will people get from listening to your music? Are you getting people pregnant?

Classik: The message I am trying  to pen to the audience is that basically whatever they are going through I have been through it also in some point of my career and the only message I try to display is you are not the only one going through it. I can relate to what they are going through and that is how I have gained fans and became fans of other artist as well.

Fierce: What new projects do you have in the works and where can people find your music?

Classik: New projects. I am working on a mix tape that should be released at the end of novemeber with my brother called My Brother’s Keeper. He is a rapper (Red) and I am the singer. You can also visit my website to check out all my links to my music

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans or supporters?

Classik: To my fans I thank everybody for rocking with me and for being true and for my supporters, for the people looking up to me, if there is something that you believe in, go for it.


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