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24 Jun D. BA2GS

D. Ba2gs is working. Not only for himself but for his artist that he is working with as well. Working to establish himself as well as others he understands what it takes to be an artist as well as a businessman. Hope you all enjoy my interview with him. -Mz.Fierce


Fierce: Who is D. Ba2gs and where are you from?

D: I’m basically just an artist trying to tell my story and expressing myself through my music. I am not going to give you a gimmick or sell out myself. I am a real artist out of Compton not a fake artist.

Fierce: Do you remember that defining moment when you realized that you wanted to be an artist?

D: Honestly nope. I never really wanted to be an artist it just happened. The real artist I hang with is Dulo and I just ended up getting lucky. My goal was to push the other people in my squad but someone else heard my song and it went from there.

Fierce: Growing up is this what you always knew you wanted to be or was there something else at first?

D:I thought I was going to be a basketball player but I ended up getting caught up in a robbery and it killed what I had going on at the time.

Fierce: Do you still get nervous when it is time to perform?

D: Nah I look forward to it. I am anxious when it is time to get on stage. You’re nervous for the first 2 seconds then it’s gone.

Fierce: Do you have any before the show rituals?

D: Yep I mean it’s not really a ritual but I ask a lot of girls in the audience if they want to f**k and after I get 3 yes’s I start performing. That is kind of like my thing.

Fierce: How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard of you before?

D: Um…kind of just doing me really. I just give you me. Sometimes I will spit but just know when you hear my music you will hear me. I am not trying to give you another artist.

Fierce: Where/how do you feel you fit into this new west coast movement?

D: I kind of feel like I am going to be a relevant force but not actually in music but kind of in the background. I am trying to establish myself with my label and a few of my artist like Dulo. I am trying to be more like a Diddy, more behind the scenes instead of on the scene. I consider myself to be relevant in this west coast scene.

Fierce: Do you think that the West Coast is once again going to be a strong force like it was when Ice Cube, Pac, Snoop and so forth were first coming out?

D: I really do I feel like it is on its way there. We have a lot of artist that are doing their thing and its making the west coast relevant again and I feel like it’s going to be a force.

Fierce: Now what is the controversy that I am hearing about you and Ray J’s artist, Payso? Weren’t you two cool once?

D: Payso its controversy surrounding it but it’s not something that I am concerned about. He made the beat for “Don’t Drop That Thun Thun” and he produces and he’s from my neighborhood but not really from my neighborhood. He sometimes speaks out of turn and my neighborhood not feeling it; he raps about things that he is not really doing. I mean we still cool, its no beef no static and I have love for him. He’s a young homie and I want to see him succeed but at the same time you have to respect the streets. If you don’t you have to deal with that and it’s more like a misunderstanding right now.

Fierce: Now I here that you have just opened up a studio. Is this true and where is the studio located?

D: I just opened up a studio, O2g studio, and this is me stepping out and working behind the scenes.

Fierce: Do you have any upcoming projects coming up?

D: I got an upcoming project “Shit Just Got Personal” and  its basically me going in on the perpetrators and I am working on my artist projects as well so that’s more my main focus .

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans or supporters?

D: I want to tell everyone thank you and especially for the love on ITunes last year and watch out for Lil A, Dulo, and  Semi my artist and their upcoming projects.


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