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11 Apr Devin Hill on the Come Up

Mr. Devin Hill. I really enjoyed speaking to him. I always say I do not have interviews but conversations with my guests. I got to know a little about him & he got to know a little about me. We learned that outside of music we have Miami in common. It was a smooth conversation with him. I wish I could have included the entire conversation in this “interview” but just click the link below after reading this and get to know more about Mr. Devin Hill yourself. -Fierce


Fierce: Hello Devin how are you this evening?

Devin Hill: I’m doing good just came in went for a run.

Fierce: For those who may not be familiar with you, can you please introduce yourself?

Devin Hill: I’m Mr. Devin Hill, native of St. Louis, MO by way of Memphis, TN, now residing in Miami, FL. I’m just working man. I am an R&B, Hip Hop artist who is definitely on the rise, climbing my way up.

Fierce: You are originally from St Louis but moved to Miami Fl. What inspired the move, most artists choose NY or LA?

Devin Hill: Um, I’ll tell you what made me come to Miami, I grew up a hustler and I was always told that the real Gs moved to Miami and retire. When they want to relax and not worry about the attention they move to Miami. Miami is not very violent. I’m not saying there are no haters but there aren’t as many as in Atlanta, New York, or even Los Angeles. You cannot come here (Miami) and fake the lifestyle. It’s not so Hollywood here in Miami tho, you can blend in. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a Ferrari or a Bentley, no one looks at you sideways. Miami is the place to be. I love the weather, water, and the women. That was enough for me to drop my anchor. Since I’ve been out here I’ve always said you gone have to carry me 6 or 12, carry me to me to my grave or lock me up to get me to leave.

Fierce: Do you think residing in Miami has influenced your music in anyway?

Devin Hill: Nah the lifestyle has influenced me but the music…I got lot of my music from the South, Memphis, a whole lot of Texas. I listen to UGK, 3 6 Mafia or 8 Ball MJ. I don’t want to get too caught up in the Miami music. I’m more of a fan of the Memphis music scene and I like what Atlanta is doing.

Fierce: R&B now is certainly different now from our mothers R&B. Do you think that is a good thing or a bad thing?

Devin Hill: I feel it’s a bad thing. The fact they cancel the videos now the radio won’t like the more traditional R&B. Tyrese, he had a great song, great music, couldn’t get urban radio to support him. I hope it’s (traditional R&B) not dead. I hope there is still some young brother’s out there who will bring it back but who do our young men pattern their music from? Who do they look up to when it comes to holding a note or a run? I pattern myself after Jagged Edge, 112, Stevie Wonder, or Brian McKnight. The new generation you cannot ask them to hit those notes because they weren’t/aren’t trained that way.

Fierce: Maybe it will be you?

Devin Hill: I’m not a gate keeper, hopefully one day they give me the key and I make it cool.

Fierce:Do you think R&B has lost the “love” aspect of it and might be veering more to a rap feels such as bottles, women, money?

Devin Hill: Love? You better not talk ‘bout love. You bring that “love” into it they going to think you are soft. These women now they don’t want to hear about love. Now and days we don’t have a lot values. Honestly myself, I like Ty Dolla sound, the cadence, the subject matter is not that traditional but he has a sound that is not traditional R&B. It’s hard to talk about love not they think it’s too serious. Everyone wants heartbreak or they think love is too soft. But I love the music and the message. I am not looking for love. I am hoping my little girl is opened to love. I think it is going to take someone cool enough to turn it around and say it’s cool to sing about love. The newer generation is not going to listen to the older generation.

Fierce: Now you have an album set to release later this year, “Came Up”. How would you describe this body of work? And what’s the meaning behind the title?

Devin Hill: If I had one word to describe it, it’s quality. I have great producers, great engineers, and great features. I am collaborating with Grammy nominated writers and if they listen and take the time they will love it. The title itself came from a song that I have with Young Dolph. It talks about our background, how we started from nothing and came up. I want to inspire some young people an tell them to get back to the quality of music. Get back to something that means something; vocals mixing and mastering, producing.

Fierce: What’s next for you as an artist, businessman, or just as a person?

Devin Hill: As an artist in trying to get more into production and management. I want to put other artist on. I’m a boss. I’ve been a leader. I’m the oldest of 6, all girls and I’m the only boy. I’ve always been a hustler, hustling is my thing and I just want to be a great boss. A great leader.

Fierce:Where can people find your music?

Devin Hill: Outside of iTunes I’m On Soundcloud and you can also check out my videos on YouTube and see the growth from then to now. Also check me out on Spotify & Google play.

Fierce: Any last words you would like to leave with the audience, your fans ?

Devin Hill: I just want to say, if you’re down bad, if it seems like there is no way, the worst thing you can do is give up. It’s now how you being it’s how you end. Faith in yourself is the biggest asset you can have. And I am always rooting for the underdog.


Make sure to purchase the new project “Came Up”…my fav song is Kush & Kandles

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Twitter: DevinHill_Music



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