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Fierce: For those who may not be familiar with you can you please introduce yourself?

Ralo: This is Ralo the Famerican Gangster himself. Make sure to follow me on Twitter to get to know me better.

Fierce: You’re from an area known as “The Bluff” which is not a walk in the park. What motivated you to make a better life for you and your family?

Ralo: I always wanted a better life. I never chose the streets. I never wanted to be a rapper or a drug dealer but some things choose you. I wanted to be an electrician when I grew up but I began to hustle to feed my family. I was the man of the house.

Fierce: How did you get started in music?

Ralo: Really it was like a revenge. I was incarcerated and I was left down bad by a female companion who I was with at the time. When I got out of jail I wanted her to see my success. She was a big fan of Future, so I threw it in her face. I said I was going to make s song with Future. She never thought I was going to get out prison and she was always talking about other dudes. It hurt me and made me wonder why she didn’t love me like that. She was my motivation.

Fierce: Now you have made a name for yourself in Atlanta with your music. How do you plan on taking on the industry this business?

Ralo: I always wanted a big brother or father figure in my life to help me with this industry and I have not found that yet but  the hard part is over now. I have my own label, Famerica, and what we are trying to do is put the “family” back in to America.

Fierce: With so many artist coming out of Atlanta ,and let’s be honest, the new generation rappers kind of have the same sound and the same topics in their music. How do you feel you stand out amongst all of that?

Ralo: I listen to JAY Z a little while ago and they asked him how does he keep himself up in the industry. I never tune in to what is going on I do my own thing. I do the same thing I have been doing and I am not trying to be like the next man. Being yourself is a good thing.

Fierce:Now what is “Famerica” this movement you have started?  Where did this come from?

Ralo: I have been looking and studying  rap artist such as myself. Rap has a big effect on the culture. When Jeezy first  came out, everyone wanted to sell dope. When Plies came out everyone wanted to rob someone. When Future came out everyone wanted to pop pills. I want to lead people in  the right way and with Famerica I am trying to make a difference with the families of America.

Fierce: What kind of imprint do you hope to leave on the world with your music?

Ralo: The legacy I want to leave behind……..God has blessed us all with a conscience to tell us right from wrong and it is not hard to tell right from wrong. I want everyone to know to do what is right. Don’t try to do what I do or what the next rapper does. Be you and do the right thing. Be yourself.

Fierce: What are your thoughts on the rap game?  It’s totally different from when I (we)  was coming up (the 90s). Do you feel it’s too soft? Do you feel the messages get lost amongst all the bling and the women and the cars?

Ralo: Its most definitely  is leading us the wrong way. To be real, they take the genuine people off the street. They take us and leave us dead or put us in jail. All the real dudes are dead or in  prison. They put us in bad places. Look at what they did to Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. The people that are leading us into destruction……it’s not like we do not know this. We have evidence of this. They are trying to take us good people out of society.

Fierce: Famerican Gangster the mixtape. Tell us about that and what can we expect to hear from Ralo?

Ralo: I mean the mixtape is an introduction of me. I want people to get to know me. I already had a following from the street and  I have found out that you don’t have to be the best rapper. People just have to like you and the people like me. They do their research on me and get good feedback. People have seen me broke and incarcerated but it ain’t nothing like having a person that you can see as a real n*gga. My mixtape talks about the struggle and trying to succeed from beginning to end.

Fierce: I interview a lot of rappers and they are always talking about doing a mixtape but never any albums. Do you prefer a mixtape or an album.?

Ralo: A lot of  up and coming artist find it easier to drop a mixtape, It’s hard to drop an album. The rap game is all about making yourself known. They have to drop a mixtape to make themselves known, it’s the easiest.

Fierce: You’re currently on a meet and a greet tour with Bigga Rankin. What is next for Ralo?

Ralo: I never thought my mixtape and my single would do what it is doing. My mixtape is big in the street and  I have a lot of songs coming up with features from such artists as Cam’ron and my new mixtape also will be released soon.

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and supporters?

Ralo: If you go on my social media I just want to thank everyone for supporting me. They did not have to do that but they are highly tuned in and they are loving me right now. Just keep on commenting and retweeting me and I appreciate everything.


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