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14 Jul Fire In The City

It took me a minute to get this guy but I finally got him and it was worth the wait. Meet Cell Spitfire a man that wears many hats but wears them well. A man that is on a mission to leave his mark on this world. I got to talk to him and I honestly felt like I have known him for awhile with what we discussed regarding the industry and the goals we have for ourselves. Hope you guys enjoy my interview with Mr. Fire In The City. -Mz. Fierce

Fierce: For those who may not be familiar with you can you introduce yourself please?

Cell: For those who do not know me I am self-defiant, I am a from Annapolis, Maryland,  I am a father, an artist, a graphic designer and I also  host a radio show and I am  co-owner of a clothing line. I am a very diverse guy.

Fierce: Before you became Spitfire, you were Commacell Brown Jr. Who is that person and is there any difference between him and Spitfire?

Cell: Commacell I would say is the more laid back and intelligent smart college student who is a loyal friend and as far as an artist there is no difference from that perspective.

Fierce: Now you were introduced to music at a young age and you attended college in Atlanta GA, moving to that city do you feel it opened you up to a new world of music that you were not aware of?

Cell: Yeah definitely and one thing I preach to all of my label mates up here that have not experienced Atlanta is that they have a bond and they respect one another. Like Gucci, T.I., Ludacris, I really saw it when they were all buzzing and making money together and shouting one another out on songs and coming to one another shows. It’s hard when your city is not behind you but it seems everyone is trying to follow the blueprint.

Fierce: You are an artist, a businessman, a graphics designer and also host a radio show. Does it ever become too much for you at times or does it all just flow well together?

Cell: Nah it definitely gets difficult at times and the only way I can help myself is to take notes and use a lot of these resources around here and organize myself. If I try to freestyle it I always forget something and I can never think one thing is more important than the other. That keeps it together at times but it does get difficult at times to answer your question.

Fierce: With releasing your 7th project “Fire in the City” do you ever find it hard at times to find something new to say or to turn something old to new?

Cell: Nah I think the most difficult part is finding beats that fit into the time and what is going on but it is never difficult finding what to talk about. I haven’t had writers block in a long time knock on wood.

Fierce: What type of rapper would you describe yourself? Are you more of a lyricist or do you focus more on word play or both?

Cell: I focus on both but I definitely would consider myself a lyricist. Even if it is a club song I am given you lyrics so that you can envision what is going on. Not trying to downplay but some artist can be all over the place with their lyricist but word play is the key and having rhythm and being a lyricist.

Fierce: Is there anything more that you want to accomplish that you feel you may not have?

Cell: I just want to take everything that I am doing right now and take it to the next level and put it on a national stage. As far as tackling anything that I haven’t it is to write a book or books.

Fierce: Any words of advice for someone looking to get into this industry?

Cell: Definitely be yourself. We are at a point where being yourself is popular and everybody wants to be different so be different and be aware of what is going on and stay true to you. God will align everything else for you.

Fierce: Anything that you would like to say to your fans or supporters?

Cell: To my supporters that have been there since day 1 I want to say thank you and I hope you continue to ride the wave and enjoy the success. To the new fans I will not disappoint you. You found me for a reason. Check me out and follow my movement.


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