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17 Jun Fly Motivation

YL is the second artist that I have had featured on my site from Delaware. When you think of hip hop or rap, Delaware is definitely not a place that comes to mind first. But it seems that maybe we need to start paying attention to this area especially with an artist such as YL coming from there. He is determined not to leave and put Delaware on the map. –Mz.Fierce

Fierce: Introduce yourself to those who may not know who you are?

YL: Well first and foremost my name is YL I have a movement that is called Young Fly coming out of Delaware.

Fierce: Who is YL the artist and the man?

YL: Well truth be told the YL the artist is an entertainer. I am goofy and a lot of people that know me knows that. And as YL the person my name is Isaiah I don’t refer to myself as YL the man and I am laid back and I don’t say too much to people.

Fierce: Where did the name YL come from and what does it mean?

YL: Well YL actually broken down is Young Lee and Lee is my middle name. I stopped referring myself to Young when I was 19 because I couldn’t be young forever.

Fierce: I know you come from a musical family, when did you realize that you wanted to become an artist?

YL: Well I was around 13 and I heard my cousin and my brother on the radio. My parents were gathered around the radio and I was like well they are doing good so let me see what I can do,

Fierce: Now you are currently working on a major mixtape, “Fly Motivation” what type of sound and style can your fans expect from you on this project?

YL: Actually I changed it to an EP and its coming out Friday and it will be 4 songs. As far as my music, you can expect truth because a lot of music now and days is not truth. My  fans and people that know me knows that I am speaking the truth and when they listen to me they can say I know him as an actual person, I make music for myself.

Fierce: Not only are you releasing a mixtape, you are working on a clothing line called Young Fly Motivated as well, what type of style can we expect from this clothing line?

YL: Surprisingly it is more motivational style and right now we are putting together some shirts and tanks and hats and at the same time I am trying to connect with people with this as well. Everyone wants to be a part of something.

Fierce: Describe your music because you are from a place (Delaware) that when you think of hip hop, you don’t think of that particular state?

YL: Actually as far as the Delaware thing we do not have a sound per say. Everyone is from different parts of Delaware like I am from Chester, Delaware, so we are bringing different sounds and mixing it in. Around here people are big on party music so that is what everyone wants now and days so I am trying to bring that sound but also different but with a motivational message as well.

Fierce: Do you think it will be harder for you coming out of Delaware versus any other artist coming from a place like New York or California or even the South?

YL: Yes most definitely. With these other places everyone goes to the South. I have a friend down South now that is trying to make things happen and I don’t want to leave where I am at. I want to be here and be able to expand to other places like the tri state area and the DMV

Fierce: What can you say about you that makes you stand out for every other artist that is trying to get into the music industry?

YL: Well everyone has their own opinion but I am going to speak for my area; a lot of artist are YouTube and tweeting but the people are only seeing the picture but you have to breathe this and want this. I put together blogs and go to Vine, you have to be entertaining. A lot of artist are not entertaining and you have to be entertaining before you even get on, you have to entertain people even before you get on stage or you will be boring.

Fierce: If you were to never go major would you be okay with still being an independent artist?

YL: Yes of course for the simple fact…. what the people do not understand being independent is better than being major because all of the money comes back to you. Being major you have to split with everyone else. The label is to push your music but if you are not marketable then they do not want to work with you

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to any of your fans or supporters?

YL: Of course well to all the new people follow me @realylmusic on twitter and get the new mixtape off of and just follow me and become a fan and get on this journey with me.


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