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27 Nov Gillie Ham

Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you can you please introduce yourself?

Gillie: My name is Gillie Ham out of Rochester New York and I am an upcoming artist.

Fierce: How did Gillie Ham get started in the music industry?

Gillie: I came up doing music. When I was 16 or 17 I got serious when I got with my manger.

Fierce: What is it about Gillie Ham that allows you to stand out amongst all the other artist that are trying to get into the same door as you?

Gillie: I mean I am just me. I have music that you can relate to and music that you can bounce to. You can hear the passion in my music and that is what sets me apart because a lot of music is missing the feeling.

Fierce: How would you describe your style of music/rap? Do you think anyone can relate or to you speak to just a certain type of people?

Gillie: My music is definitely Hip Hop. Raw, mainstream Hip Hop. A mixture of both and I think a lot of people can relate. I am an average person from the hood.

Fierce: Now your first Mixtape received rave reviews and I know that you are currently working on a follow up mixtape. What will make this tape different from the first one?

Gillie: My new is more of a riding feeling. My first one was real hungry and raw and I am still raw but, I am into making complete songs now and this one is better-rounded.

Fierce: This industry can be very cut throat, are you afraid that you may have to switch up your style to appeal to the masses all for money?

Gillie: At first I thought that with my first mixtape that is why I switched my style up a little bit to cater to more of the audience but I am not going to sell my soul but if I have to I will.

Fierce: What is one of the most valuable lessons that you have learned being in this industry and just from life itself?

Gillie: You just can’t let nothing stop you. Being in this industry and life itself you have to research this industry.

Fierce: What else does Gillie Ham want to accomplish outside of music?

Gillie: Besides my music, my passion is cooking.  If I can do this music, the music will open up the door and I love to cook so it will be food I will tell you that.

Fierce: Where can we find your music?

Gillie: You can go to, SoundCloud and YouTube, definitely check me out on

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and supporters?

Gillie: Definitely to my fans thank you for sticking with me and keep sticking with me and I will keep bringing the good music.


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