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13 May H.U.S.T.L.E.

Namir is a 20 year old artist out of New Castle, Delaware.  With only 3 years in the local music industry, he has already generated a following throughout the tri-state, creating multiple hits including the singles like Twerk Team, Wham, and Teach Me How To Swagg.  His music boast some of the biggest statistics on Philly’s #1 blog site ““.  In December of 2011, Namir won the award for “Best Delaware Artist” at the 2011 and 2012 Philly Hip Hop

producers such as Gillie Da Kid, Jahlil Beats, Sap (Prod. of The Game’s Celebration), The Beat Bully (Prod. of Meek Mill’s House Party and Rick Ross’s Stay Schemin). Dj Bran, 106 & Park’s Dj Damage, and many more.  This led the young artist to doing radio interviews all over the country such as VA, SC, DE, and even overseas.  Currently, Namir has began work on the new highly anticipated EP “The H.U.S.T.L.E” which features the new single, “Kill Em All” He has created some of the biggest songs in Delaware history up to date, and continues to grow as time progresses.  There is much to come from this young artist including more shows, more interviews, and more hits.


Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you can you please introduce yourself to the world?

Namir: Well my name is Namir and I am a 20 year old rapper from Delaware. I have been rapping for 3 years; I have been blessed to be in the studio with Meek Mill and I have won Delaware Best Rapper of the year and I pretty much do my own thing and stay focused.


Fierce: Who is the artist Namir and what does he represent?

Namir:  I represent the entire state of Delaware. There hasn’t been anyone to come out of the state and tell the story of the state and I want to be that person. From the way it is looking the state is wanting me to be that person. I am just a person that speaks for the people that do not have a chance to speak.

Fierce: How would you categorize your music; is it a more of a Southern feel or more of an East Coast type of feel?

Namir: I don’t feel like I can put my music in a category. I do all types of music; I do Southern or I may do a West Coast type or an East Coast type of music. I have sampled classic rock and classic country, I feel that I am my own category since I am coming from a place that no one has heard of yet


Fierce: You rarely hear of hip hop artist coming out of Delaware, explain the music scene in your area?

Namir: The music scene in Delaware is completely different from anywhere else. Delaware is such a small state the buzz is not the same as anywhere else. We listen to a lot of our own music and Philly artist like Meek Mill. Our music scene is basically l based on local rappers


Fierce: Who were your biggest music influences?

Namir: My biggest music influence of all time is Jay-Z. He is a man of principle and a boss in all since of the words. My goal once I get to the industry is to surpass him; not in a bad way he was the greatest of his time and his city and I want to be the greatest in my city and my time.

Fierce: Who or what motivates you to keep pursuing your dream?

Namir: Just the support from the state. To come out of Delaware and to even get a buzz out of Delaware is hard since it is so small. The second is that the people expect me to fail since I am coming from Delaware is motivation as well and the people around me motivates me. They look at me as a leader and I cannot let down my team I can’t let down my family or the state that supports me.


Fierce: I know you are currently working on your new EP “The H.U.S.T.L.E.”, explain what the fans will get from this album?

Namir: Well the hustle is an acronym the Hungry Underdog Striving to Live Everyday and what they will get is all my pain. I have grown through a lot last year and when I got back in the studio I let out all my feelings and my emotions and there is really no party songs, they are getting my feeling. The fans that have been with me will get a new side of me.

Fierce: Where would you like for your music to take you as far as career wise?

Namir: I want to be one of the greatest to ever do it. I love music. I do not do it for the money. I am currently learning how to play the guitar and the piano because I want to take my music to another level. When people look back on my music I want them to be able to say he was able to do this and that.

Fierce: 10 years from now if someone looks back and listens to your music, what would you like for them to say about you?

Namir: What I would like them to say is that I had timeless music. I want to make music that they can listen to 10 years from now and they have the same feeling they did when they first heard it.

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and supporters?

Namir: I want to say keep supporting and I appreciate all the love and I hope they can follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I talk back to all my fans and I am a regular dude. I have my music side and my business side but at the end of the day I am a regular dude so thank you and look out for me.


Contact Namir at:

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