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21 Nov If Only-Raveena

When people think of a song that is presented as an anthem for women to stay strong, keep the faith, and know your worth,you think of songs that are up tempo and deafening like ‘Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child or either ‘Not Gon’ Cry’ by Mary J. Blige which is the testament of a woman whose heart has been broken but she won’t let the situation  break her. ‘If Only’ by Raveena to me  represents the same message these 2 songs present but just wrapped differently. As women we are bound to come across a relationship that isn’t conducive for us and we must part ways and that can be hard at times. Listening to the lyrics of this beautifully written song one line stood out to me the most; ‘I sleep better at night without you around.’ I related because I walked away from a situation and I felt the weight of the world was removed from shoulders, I felt lighter. Raveena has given us women another song, another anthem for us to realize how strong we are and that it’s ok to not keep toxic people around. ‘If Only’ is beautifully sung, beautifully written, and wrapped in the perfect package.  -Fierce

The Fader, “I wrote the lyric ideas for ‘If Only’ a couple years ago after I had finally left a toxic relationship […] For me, this song is about recognizing your own strength and divinity as a woman and moving on from anyone in your life that doesn’t support that journey.” -Raveena


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