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18 Aug James Mark (JM)

I had the pleasure of speaking to James Mark also known as JM. This man is truly the meaning of a businessman and speaking with him was very delightful. He is a man with a lot on his plate literally but is getting his feet wet with the rap game. I spoke with him for more than an hour and it was one of the best conversations I have had with someone about this business and the advice he gave me I am planning on using it. I hope you all enjoy this interview and make sure you check out the other sites that he is on all well. –Mz.Fierce

Fierce: For those who are not familiar with James Mark, can you please introduce yourself to the world?

JM: Well I am James Mark (JM) brand new to the rap world and trying to get my feet wet and I have been doing this for a while. I started back in 2009 writing and producing for a couple of artist.

Fierce: Reading your bio you are a very busy person with your many business ventures, what made you want to start rapping?

JM: I mean I was working with so many rappers and writing their verses and their hooks and when you see a couple of artist that have the talent but do not have the effort and they tell you that you have so much to say about it why don’t you rap; so why would I waste my money on you and not on myself.

Fierce: What’s a day in your life like with all that you do?

JM: A couple of businesses are ran by managers and business managers and my main focus right now is on the music and the production part of it and to not lose focus and just create a couple of things to come with residual income if the rap thing does not work out. A lot of people spend a lot of money trying to get on but cannot stay on and I wanted to make sure my business life and personal life are straight.

Fierce: Being such an entrepreneur, how important is it for you to have the right amount of people around you?

JM: Well that’s the most important thing. I would rather have a small crew focused on my movement then a large crew just focused on my music

Fierce: With your music, do you tackle it any different from the other business ventures that you have?

JM: Yes I actually do; it’s a little less stressful and it is an extracurricular activity. My music is my escape from the business world since the business world can be very cruel.

Fierce: Was it a difficult choice for you to add rapper to your resume with everything else that you have going for you?

JM: Not really. A lot of rappers that I know are bored with their lives. You can only sell so many drugs on your songs and I did not want to be bored with my music. Just that one conference call for your business can be the one thing that can unstressed you. The money and the music can make a difference in how you the rap. The ones that sign the worst deals are the angriest rappers. If you can’t deal with constructive criticism then you need to leave this alone.

Fierce: What do you feel that you can bring to the music industry that it may be missing?

JM: Because I am a fan of hip hop I do not think that it is missing anything. I just want to make music and I want to have fun. I am not a battle rapper and I do not want hip hop to change. I just want to have fun with my music.

Fierce: For those who may have never heard your music, how would you describe it and why?

JM: My music is fun and something that you can listen to lyrically and beat wise. It’s all about me, all of my songs has something to do with me, something that I have witnessed or a story that I tell about something that has happened to me.  I put the music element to a story. I am a visual writer. I think when people listen to my songs I think people can visualize what I am talking about.

Fierce: What advice would you give anyone who is thinking about following their dreams?

JM: Don’t give up is cliché now and days but I would say dream within your boundaries, dream within your element. Know your limitations and dream.

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans or supporters?

Thank you. If you are a fan thank you and thank you if you support anything JM does. January I will be releasing the album and I am going to always drop 2 singles a year if I get a deal or not, I want to take it back to the old days. So yes, just thank you.


You can find JM also on these sites as well



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