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17 Nov Jay Cav

He is such a sweetheart. He is definitely one of the interviews that I will never forget and of course he is very talented. Anyone that is on is talented and this young man is making sacrifices to insure that his dreams come true. He was at work on the phone while conducting this interview with me and I was afraid that I was going to get him in trouble. Nevertheless we finished the interview and we had a great conversation. So I hope you guys enjoy my interview with Jay Cav as much as I did. -Mz.Fierce 


Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you can you please introduce yourself?

Jay Cav: I go by the name of Jay Cav. I use to call myself Young Fresh back in high school and I have grown up from that and I wanted to represent myself so what’s better than my name. People use to always call me Jay and I shortened my last name.

Fierce: You are from the N.O ( New Orleans), have you ever found yourself compared to the likes of artist that are known from there like Lil Wayne, and how do you feel when it happens?

Jay: The only comparison that I ever get is the way that I talk but you can tell the difference as far as sound wise. I try not to sound like anyone from out here; if you hear a lot of artist they all sound similar. I am from the 9th ward downtown and when people hear them they say they sound like Lil Wayne but musically wise no comparison.

Fierce: If you had to describe your music in one word what would it be and why?

Jay: That’s a good question. One word to describe my music is…..  I would say, confident.  I do what I want to do and I feel like people will like it so I guess I will go with confident.

Fierce: When you are following your dreams there are sacrifices that have to be made. What’s some of the hardest sacrifices you have had to make and does it ever bother you at times?

Jay: Right now I am making a sacrifice and one of the biggest ones are me doing acting or anything that I am passionate about. I have been told that I cannot do everything at one time and my mind cannot focus on just one thing. I wanted to do acting and the next day I end up drawing clothes and it leads me to rapping and I put the pen down and end up listening to beats, so the biggest sacrifice is me having to put other things to the side because music is my biggest passion. Sometimes I wonder if I am making the right choice but I know music will open other opportunities.

Fierce: Is it hard for you to separate who you are as a person at times from the artist?

Jay: When I stopped calling myself Young Fresh and started using Jay Cav, everything that I started to put into my music had to be real and everything had to be genuine. Jay Cav the person and Jay Cav the artist are all the same person.

Fierce: “Lay Over in Tokyo” has it been released and where did the name come from?

Jay: It has been pushed back. I am thinking about dropping it in December if not then mid-January.  I am also thinking of changing the name to something else.  Somebody else also asked me that question about the name. I was on a plane moving to LA and I was writing and thinking of stuff and I had a layover.  I don’t remember the city but while I was there I had gotten a phone call from my mom and it was a personal issue going on and I was like, I am this far away from home but problems are still close. It was a lot of things that made me think of the name so I was just in a certain zone when I came up with it.

Fierce: When you are about to record what is your thought process?

Jay: Sometimes when I am about to record I like to stand around and pace back and forth, it keeps my mind occupied. I come up with stuff better instead of just sitting around and other times I like to sit by myself. Sometimes I like to have my friends in the studio and they can give me feedback like do an adlib here. There are always good vibes and positive attitudes and nothing but support. Might smoke a joint before or sip some Hennessey or some champagne, it’s a lot of different things I do.

Fierce: As a man do you find it hard to try to balance a personal life with your music because some women will not understand this?

Jay: Yeah it is kind of hard. At one point in time I was in a relationship and I understand women need attention but I feel like we should have some type of understanding. You know this is what I want to do as a career, you know I will not be able to be on my phone the whole time in the studio, and it made me think what if I was to blow up and there is fame and a lot more of females around and you’re already feeling a little insecure. With me trying to do my music 24/7 and then trying to give this woman, this girl, the attention she needs, my  music and relationship are overlapping, same thing as work. I have a government job and I am trying to do my music as well. I am taking time out to do something that will help my music career as well and I knew I had to do this interview today and I had to figure out how am I going to do it and take the time out and hope my boss understands. I try to think about it on a positive note and I am still benefiting as well, helping out my music career and getting more money on my check as well.

Fierce: If you had to start all over, is this the route you would still take or would you choose something different?

Jay: It would still be the same. I would still do music. I would do some things differently and make some different choices but I would still do music.

Fierce: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Jay: To everybody that has been supporting me I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don’t want to sound all soft but I know that I can’t get that far without them and we are family almost. I feel that everyone that really supports me, that is like family to me. I just want to tell them all thank you and if they have dreams and goals go out there and try. You never know unless you try take a leap of faith. If you think about it you do your 8-5 and putting your dreams to the side all you are doing is helping somebody else live their dream. Don’t let your dreams stay what they are.


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