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27 Oct Jayce Verse

Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you can you please introduce yourself?

Jayce: Ok I am your boy Jayce Verse Mr. “I Get It” and the author of the Hottest Summer Ever part 1 and 2 and we just get it. They say the world is in a bad place and we do not see it that way.


Fierce: Tell us a little about Jayce Verse and how did you get started in music?

Jayce: I really don’t remember a time when music was not around me or the industry period. My uncles were in a band and I was always with them in a place where I wasn’t supposed to be and my cousin was an actress. It has always been around me and when I started to take it serious it started to change my perspective on things.


Fierce: Who were some of your biggest inspirations growing up?

Jayce: Most people don’t hear me when I say this but my parents were all into music. I like Curtis Blow, Run DMC, Eight Ball and OutKast. I’m just a real fan of Hip Hop and the booty shaking era like Uncle Luke had them going crazy.


Fierce: How would you describe your music? And what type of message will people get listening to you?

Jayce: Man I pretty much describe it as reality rap like a lot of stuff is real close but I change names and things to protect the guilty. It’s something that I have been through or heard or saw. If I am not feeling it I cannot write to it that’s why I only drop once a year because I want you to understand where I am coming from.

Fierce: Now you’re currently residing in Georgia and a lot of talent has come out of that state, with that being said what is it about Jayce Verse that stands out that you believe will get someone’s attention?

Jayce: I would say me being different, I am a man of the people. I’m really not trying to be a superstar and I’m not trying to be untouchable. I don’t have bodyguards. Even before or after a show you can catch me in the nearest project and we can smoke a blunt. I’m just a man of the people and like to be around my people. One thing I have seen the higher up you are the faker the people and they are seeing dollar signs and you just really want someone to understand you.


Fierce: Do you feel that musically you offer something that is not already in the market that we already haven’t heard before?

Jayce: No not at all. Like I want everyone to know if you focus and you work hard you can do whatever you want. This is not for everyone. The only difference with me is the stories and how I tell them. You can listen to 4 or 5 artist from here and we are basically telling the same story but just in a different perspective. The difference is the push as well. Everyone says they are a rapper but not everyone is grinding.


Fierce: Are you currently working on any new projects and if so tell us about them?

Jayce: We are at the end of the Hottest Summer Part 2 and pretty much I am going to come out with the full album around Christmas. We will drop videos and ride it out till the next summer. I don’t do mixtapes because I don’t want to cheapen my music but if the right DJ wants to host it I will drop a verse or two.


Fierce: Where can people find your music?

Jayce: You can find me on, the album Mirror Image is going to official drop before January 1st. I’ve got a bunch of singles out there so get the new stuff and go back to get the old stuff as well.


Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and supporters?

Jayce: Yeah man y’all keep rocking with me and I will keep putting out this good music. I got my eyes on the throne and I am not impressed. Lets bring real music back. It’s up to the fans not the rappers.


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Fun Facts for Jay Verse

  1. What is your favorite color?


  1. Coke or Pepsi?


  1. Natural hair or weave?


  1. Boy shorts or thongs?

None at all


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