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10 Dec K-Lon The True Spirit


Originally from Kingstree, South Carolina (my home state) and now residing in Rochester, New York K-Lon is an artist that speaks to all and whose purpose is to heal people through his music. In a world today that is infected with so much hurt and pain a lot of us can use some healing. I enjoyed my time speaking to this talented young man and I hope you all enjoy it as well. -Mz.Fierce 


Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you can you please introduce yourself?

K-Lon: My name is K Lon and I am a universal artist from Rochester NY but originally from Kingstree, SC.

Fierce: How did you get your start in music?

K-Lon: My mom is a singer she used to open up for Jaheim and she did some work with Anita Baker as well. People think that I am crazy because I will listen to Donny Hathaway and I am 26 years old but the old school is the soul food.

Fierce: How would you describe your style of artistry?

K-Lon: I would use the word “original”. I bring out the originality. I don’t have an alter ego. I paint and I draw and put all that in my music.

Fierce: What is it about music that draws you to it and made you decide that this is what you want to do for the rest of your life?

K-Lon: Well for one it saved my life because when my homies were going out there robbing and killing I stayed in the studio.  I wanted to go but my big brother told me I needed to stay in the studio and instead of doing it I focused on my passion. My brother got me into rapping. He use to battle me and my mom introduced me into music.

Fierce: Music of course always has an underlying message. What type of message are you trying to convey when people listen to you?

K-Lon: You know what it’s crazy I be all over the board sometimes. I make the lower nature music like I have a song called “Back Wall” and it based off of a true story. Even though back wall is a seductive song it is a truth song. I do higher level songs that are all true as well. My most honest answer is to bring healing. I made up my mind that I would be productive and not destructive.

Fierce: Listening to you, you are not the norm of what rap music is right now. You have more of a story telling type of flow and inspirational. With so much of the same music flooding the air ways do you think that the type of music you do the world is ready to hear and will be accepting of it?

K-Lon: Well when I performed at the Apollo and I did the original peace called the “Original Heroes” they liked it until I did the rapping. The lady told me that they were not ready for me but I think that by the time people catch up to me I think they will be ready for me. I just put out 3 projects out this year so I will say when it is my time they will be ready.

Fierce: What made you decide to not do the normal rap music that is flooding the airways right now such as talking about how much money you have and how many females you have seduced?

K-Lon: It’s a lot of things that played with that. I have a diverse support team and being that I am from a family of women they influenced a lot of my intuition in music. I look at music as a woman. I don’t talk about f*****g a woman because that is not what they taught me. When you listen to “Back Wall” it’s done out of taste. To me it’s different. I am a community baby, I was raised in the streets so I mixed all these together.

Fierce: At the end of the day how would you like to be remembered as far as your music?

K-Lon: I have been listening to Michael Jackson and I have 2 daughters and when I play “Man in the Mirror my baby starts crying and I feel a little jealous because they don’t do that with my music but I am trying to be remembered as someone when you listened to you can be healed by music. I want to be that river that they can come to.

Fierce: Any words of wisdom you would like to drop for anyone that may be considering following their dreams such as what you are doing?

K-Lon: Yes I do. Follow your vision and do not let anyone and nothing detour you not even yourself. Keep God first and keep it moving baby.

Fierce: Anything that you would like to say to your fans?

K-Lon: I want to say to my fans that you are more family then fans and that if you ride for me I die for you.






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