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02 Apr Karizma

This is a blast from the past. I was so excited to speak to my girl Karizma. It’s been awhile since I’ve last spoken with her so last Wednesday we caught up with one another. Enjoy 🙂 


Fierce: Hi Karizma long time no talk to how are you?

Karizma: I’m doing good man.

Fierce:So it has been awhile since I last interviewed you, how have things changed for you since then?

Karizma: Um man, my music has changed, my flow has changed. Definitely getting more support as far as putting a team together, putting shows together, everything has gotten better &just learning the business side of things.

Fierce:You are from Nashville, TN and there is a lot of talent that way. How do you set yourself aside from all of the other talent coming out of that city?

Karizma:It’s definitely difficult; it’s a lot of talent here & with me I think its just my story that stands out. Everyone’s story is different and I found a way to market my story with a day by day campaign.

Fierce:Now being an independent artist it’s a lot harder vs having a major label backing you; but now you have artist like Migos and Chance the Rapper who are independent and so successful, would you prefer to stay indie or if you have the chance with a label would you go that route?

Karizma:It depends on the terms with what the label is talking about. What they are putting in black and white. I would love to stay indie but if a label came through and gave me the financial backing needed you know…..depends on the terms.

Fierce: Now I hope I am not getting to personal but you’re a lesbian, and with artist such as Young Ma and Bre-z who plays Freda Gatz on Empire, and rumored to be a lesbian. They are both very successful, not saying they are in the forefront but by their presence do you think it will make it a little more easier for people to look pass sexuality and see your talent?

Karizma: Yeah I think, you know with the Young Ma and Bre-Z, they kicking doors down and before Young Ma kicked the doors down, people were saying would there be a stud to knock down the door. You have Siya (Sisterhood of Hip Hop), Queen Latifah (rumored), Da Brat, Snoop (The Wire) ; there has always been one in the game during the peak time. I feel that they kick down some doors and by doing so it is more accepted. And if the people love me they love me. If they don’t, they don’t.

Fierce: What do you want your audience or fans to see when they look at your or hear your music?

Karizma: Um, I just know I am a walking testimony. I found myself trapped in a life that had me caged in then I got out. I want to show them they can do what they want in life, even with the odds against you. Tell your story and let other people learn from it.

Fierce:Karizma you also are apart of One Mind Organization. Tell the people a little more about that.

Karizma: We are just about bettering our community. Providing real education to our kids about us as a people.

Fierce: Outside of music at does Karizma have her eyes set on?

Karizma: The prize. About to get this merchandise going and try to see about other businesses like restaurants. Trying to find a need around here (Nashville )to find a good investment.

Fierce:Where can people find your music or any up and coming shows you may have?

Karizma: As of right now in the city on the 13th is my official video release party and birthday bash. On the 18th we have open mic at Nashvegas. Send an email to for a guaranteed or come before 9pm for a guaranteed spot.

Fierce: Where can the people find you & your music?

Karizma: Find me anywhere @karizma615 on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud & Periscope. My last 2 mixtapes are on Bandcamp & Spinrilla as well.

Fierce:Any last thoughts you would like to share. 

Karizma: Aw man just keep pushing and striving to be better. Separate yourself from the bullsh*t and I am out.

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