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22 Jun Karizma

I had the pleasure of  speaking with Karizma, and coming female rapper coming out of Tennessee. Like any other artist she is putting in the ground work  to see her dream turn into a reality . Take a little time out  of your day to get to know Karizma. -Mz. Fierce

Fierce: For those who are unfamiliar with Karizma go ahead and introduce yourself.  

Karizma: Everyone knows me as Karizma but some people call me Pimp (laughs). It’s a nickname that has just stuck with me.

Fierce: Why do  they call you pimp? 

Karizma: It just comes with the territory (laughs).

Fierce: How did Karizma get her start in music?  

Karizma: I’ve been in love with music since I was little and I have been writing since I was 9. a I started doing music in high school but took it serious once I got older.

Fierce: You started rapping at the age of 9, is this something that you knew you always wanted to do? 

Karizma: Yeah you know just different parts in my life where I did take it serious but now it is life and death. I eat and sleep this.

Fierce: I have interviewed a lot of artist out of the Nashville/Memphis Tennessee area and I believe you are the first female rapper I have interviewed from there. What do you feel you bring to the table in a sea full of male rappers? 

Karizma: First of all real music and  something different. Very different. I really put my all in to my music. I talk about my life and touch on different subjects within my  music that most are not doing. Everything is very trendy now but I don’t follow trends.

Fierce: From your pictures you do not look like a “typical” female rapper that is on the radio at the moment with the Barbie image  and over sexual appearance. Do you feel that gives you an advantage or a disadvantage? 

Karizma: Um I don’t know it depends. Earlier in rap you had artist such as Queen Latifah and Mc Lyte that were not over sexual but very talented and had a huge fan base and still do. Now you have the Lil Kim’s and Nicki Minaj’ who are all very talented but it just depends on who you listen to. I can’t really say if it does give me an advantage or not.

Fierce: What are some of the topics that you touch on in your music? 

Karizma: My grind. My family. Love. Girls. (laughs) It just depends on how I feel when I am in the studio.

Fierce: You are a lesbian female rapper, which I do not think matters. I do not believe anyone’s sexuality hinders who they are as a person or any talent that they may possess but because of who you are, does it sometimes make it harder for you in this industry? 

Karizma: It may be hard to get in some doors. I talked to one lady whose husband is Taylor Swifts road manager and she was just like…… she did not know how to market me.  I am like this is not something you market just let me do me. It is much easier underground but mainstream isn’t as easy. Some people don’t know how to market the LGBT community.

Fierce: Because of who you are and this is the real you when it comes to your sexuality, do you ever feel any disrespect when you see artist faking it just for album sales?

Karizma: No not at all. Artist like Rihanna or Nicki Minaj people are going to love it because they are feminine. But when it comes to the studs or gay men they are judged. People fear what they do not understand.

Fierce: Has there ever been a song that you written that you just connected with and makes it hard for you to  perform? 

Karizma: No not yet but I think I just wrote one called “Looking For a Way Out”. I am actually about to shoot a video for a song called “Hold On” and the story line for it may be emotional.

Fierce: What has been one of the best things that you have experienced on this journey following your dreams thus far? 

Karizma: I guess today hitting one of my goals and besides doing shows its all fun for me. From being in the studio, doing interviews, and meeting new people. It makes me really happy.

Fierce: What’s next for Karizma? 

Karizma: I am about to shoot 2 or 3 vides and I have my album/mixtape dropping July 7th called Built to Last and see where it takes me.

Fierce: Where can people find your music? 

Karizma: You can find me on, and  I have my own radio station on there; its like Pandora and also find me on Thomas Bailey app for different news and soon I will be hitting Worldstar. When I drop everything it will be on iTunes and Amazon. They can also find me on Instagram pimp_karizma and Twitter K_Pimp615.

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans or supporters? 

Karizma: Man I love y’all. Stick with me I wont disappoint y’all. I appreciate y’all.


Make sure to check out Karizma on these sites


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