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03 Sep Keeping Up With Joe

Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you can you introduce yourself to the world?

Jo: I am Jo Simmons and I rap. I would like to tell them to take the time out to tell them to check out my music and lets build a relationship.

Fierce: What was it about music that made you fall in love with it and made you want to start creating your own music? 

Jo: When I was young I use to rap to my friends in school and they told me it was tight and when I got into high school and learned how to produce I tried it one day and I liked it.

Fierce: Who were some of your biggest musical influences and why?

Jo: My number 1 is Lil Wayne simply because he has been rapping since he was young and I know his whole story. He started off broke, he built his own foundation; he didn’t have a rich mama or daddy to give it to him. He went out and got it.

Fierce: Describe the very first time that you got into the studio or performed for a live audience. What was going through your mind and how did you feel?

Jo: I was like aww man I hope I don’t mess up. After a while when you see the people in the crowd being supportive and they are there because they like your music and the more you are on stage it makes you more enthusiastic.

Fierce: When people go to a James Mark show or listen to a James Mark song what is it that they will take away from you after listening?

Jo: The first thing people talk about is my bars and then they talk about what I say in my raps my metaphors. I believe that is the first thing that they will notice.

Fierce: What does James Mark want his legacy to be?

Jo: I want to be known as a mogul. I want the whole world to know me and   know I am a good person. I want the whole world to know me and I want to do a whole lot more things in the future.

Fierce: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Jo: Yes I want my fans to know everything I do is not about me because I am nothing without them. I want to thank my PR CeCe Vance and the rest of my team as well including my producers Si Money and Krispy Kreme.


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