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15 Jun Kuzzo Fly

Fierce: For those who are not familiar with the name Kuzzo Fly please introduce yourself? 

Kuzzo: My name is Kuzzo Fly  and I am from California born and raised. I started out with a group called Kuzzos and then I went solo. I was apart of  a label founded by Mac Dre, the late great. After he was murdered I switched labels but I am still independent.

Fierce: How did you come up with the interesting name of  Kuzzo Fly? 

Kuzzo: Well my name is Tyrone and everyone use to call me Fly Tyrone. When we started the group we could not find a name and round 99′- 2000 everyone was calling everyone they saw  Kuzo so we said let’s call ourselves Kuzzos and when the group broke up I kept the name Kuzzo Fly; and plus I was always getting into sh*t and I do dress fly as hell so it has a lot of meaning.

Fierce: How did you get your start in the entertainment business? 

Kuzzo: I use to be a roadie for T-Pain and Master P when the were out. My cousin was a part of their movement and I use to go on the road with them and roll the weed, park the cars and bring the girls to the studio. I use to hang out at the studios and freestyle but the turning point was when I went to jail and my son was 2; I knew I had to change. When I came out at first I was not that good  at rapping due to me rapping real fast. A 16 bar verse would have over 100 words. It took me  a long time to find my lane

Fierce: You have been very successful with your business and really just doing everything on your own independently. What do you feel contributes to that success? 

Kuzzo: God. My patience and my persistence. I pray a lot and I don’t quit. My personality with the way I treat people can be a plus but it can be a negative as well. You have to humble yourself and sometimes I have to be my own everything with doing it independently. It can be complicated; at times I want to say some things as an artist but I can’t say it as a businessman, I can’t.

Fierce: Speaking of your success how are you able to handle all that you do and be a dedicated father as well? 

Kuzzo: I have a good family and a strong backbone . I have had full custody of my son since he was 3.

Fierce: You are from the Bay Area with a lot of talent coming out of that way. What are your thoughts on the rap game now with you being in the business for so long? 

Kuzzo: It’s soft. It’s watered down and it is fake to me. I don’t know what everyone is doing but the way that they are trying to downplay black men as a whole…the more questionable you are the easier it is for you to get on. I am not knocking homosexuals to each its own but, it seems you have to dance, look funny, or wear tight clothes and skirts. Perfect example, Dej Loaf  Try Me  is her talking about killing someone. Us black artist for years have been talking about killing people and have been told that this cannot be sold but then she comes along and it is ok to sing about it. Young Thug can throw up gang signs but real street dudes like The Game can’t get played on the radio, but when Young Thug does it it’s a mockery of us black men. I do have faith in the movie Straight Outta Compton coming out to show our history. Our new generation is influenced by the internet and there hasn’t been a good gangsta movie to come so hopefully this generation will watch this and see where it really comes from. I’m not knocking the hustle but I am knocking the politics of it.

Fierce: How would you describe your sound? 

Kuzzo: My sound is city/country type. I am a city dude but I have country blood; my daddy is  from Arkansas and my mama from Texas, a little bit of country and a little bit of city. I was raised in the city with country manners and in my music I talk a lot of  sh*t but I give you the ups and downs. I like to tell stories with my songs from crunk to street music.

Fierce: You have had the opportunity to be able to travel to other countries and perform for different crowds. When you are on that stage and performing…what is that like for you? 

Kuzzo: It’s like the same really. We went to Copenhagen and when we got on stage the crowd was rocking and had so much energy it was so  much fun. The promoter told us when we got off the stage we did a great job but the people did not understand us because they did not speak English but every song we did we rocked the crowd. It’s overwhelming to be able to travel to other countries and people feel you and vibe off of your energy. I have done things that other rappers richer than me have not been able to do because of their records. I love it and  I want to do it more

Fierce: Now you have your own radio show, Smoke A Lot Radio,and have interviewed others as well. Does it feel weird to be on the other end answering the questions rather than asking them? 

Kuzzo: I use to co host it with Yukmouth and it is live streamed from LA but now that I am in ATL I don’t do anymore but that show still goes on.  It is streamed through BREAL TV Wednesdays at 10.

Fierce: What is next for KuzzoFly? 

Kuzzo: Currently finishing up my album and I am about to re-release my DVD that I  put out 10 years ago. I also have a vaporizer pin coming out soon, rolling papers and for my clothing line that I am working on. I am also working on my son’s album, he wants to be like his dad of course.

Fierce: Where can the people find your music? 

Kuzzo: Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Rasphody, Google Play, Pandora, Vevo,for my videos, YouTube, WorldStar and or just google me


Fierce: Anything you would like to say to your fans and supporters? 

Kuzzo: Man I love y’all. Just keep supporting me, keep pushing me and I am not going to let you all down. I am the voice for the people that feel like me but I am also a realist. I can relate to everything that you have been going through or going through because I have been through it.  Just  keep believing in me and thank you for the support.

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