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24 Jun Mars Jackson

There is a lot of talent brewing out there on the West Coast just waiting on there moment and Mars Jackson is one of them. Making himself stand out with his music and encouraging people to have a good time and enjoy life he is on a planet of his own. He not only raps, but he sings and writes as well. I guess you can call him a triple threat. Before we even did the interview I spoke with him for about an hour and he invited me into his world. So here is a look into Mars Jackson. Hope you all enjoy.- Mz.Fierce 


Fierce: Introduce Mars Jackson for those who may not be familiar with you?

Mars: Mars Jackson is originally from Compton California and I was raised between Compton and Harbor city. I am just simple to be honest with you, my mom is all the way cool and she was a single mom and my dad I did not get to see much of. My mom’s side of the family were the ones that pretty much held me up and kept me in school.

Fierce: Where did the name Mars Jackson come from?

Mars: Okay my real name is Lamar last name Jackson and me I smoke a lot and on top of that I have a homeboy who said that when I write I go to another planet and then one day I was sitting with one of my engineers in the studio in California….and my name use to be Envious….but when I wrote Rush, I had a different outlook and I had a lot of people coming to me telling me that I would not be able to be marketable with that name Envious and I wanted to be able to get into the households and get in front of the kids since I love kids so Mars Jackson is acceptable for the crossover appeal and more natural and plus my family calls me mar mar.

Fierce: Now with you being located on the West Coast, who were some of your big influenced musically?

Mars: Michael Jackson…huge Michael Jackson fan. My whole family is a Big Daddy Kane fan and Tupac of course. But from my grandmother I listened to a lot of the greats like the Isley Brothers, Gladys Knight, and James Browns. She was like my mom so I stay huddled under her.

Fierce: Explain who Mars Jackson is as an artist?

Mars: Mars Jackson is a person that likes to have some type of meaning.  I like to be relatable to everybody. I believe being an artist…you can’t call yourself an artist if you just rap or have someone write it for you and you rap it. But you will never hear me say something that someone else wrote. Originality is everything to me. I sing, I rap, and I write poetry. I do everything. I keep a dictionary on my phone when I want to word something a certain way, I will do research. If you want to do something you have to do it right. Someone who is universal and humble so one is ready to learn.

Fierce: Was there a theme behind your most recent release A.M.P.M.?

Mars: A.M.P.M. stands for All Mood Party Music so the theme for that was…I wanted everyone to party since I was dropping it around summer and I wanted everyone to hear the variety and have a good time.

Fierce: I listened to your song “Lets Get Personal” (track 12 on A.M.P.M.)  and I loved it. Describe the meaning behind that song?

Mars: All these songs today are talking about bitch this and I just want to fuck and I am just tired of seeing this. People don’t know what love is anymore or spending the time to talk to anyone so I put it in the scenery of a club and approaching a woman like a woman. You don’t just run up on her and females go for that these days and you have to distinguish that between a woman and just a regular girl.

Fierce: There is a lot of talent coming out of the West right now, where do you feel you stand in this movement?

Mars: I don’t feel like I stand in the movement at all honestly. I feel I am just me I am not trying to go with the fad and I have a lot of people that connect with me because I have music that is not like everybody’s music.

Fierce: What do you feel that you can bring to the music industry that it may be missing at this moment?

Mars: I would say originality but that is so cliché but I will say that it is missing substance from the young artist. That is mainly what I focus on to be different with that to make a stand with lyrics again its ok to make sense again

Fierce: Besides your most recent release, are there any other projects that you are working on?

Mars: I am geared towards just getting shows right now to hit the road with A.M.P.M… I am kind of working on an album; I have something’s recorded and it is sounding nice already.

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and or supporters?

Mars: Obviously thank you and that I’m going to stay doing me and making good music that is able to crossover. I am going to make something for everybody; you may not like one song but I guarantee you will like a couple of songs.


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