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10 Aug Meet the Mother Funder LaShon Thompson

I had the pleasure of getting to know one of the stars of the hit TV Show “Mother Funders” LaShon Thompson. Not only is she a mother but she is a wife and a entrepreneur as well. Like all mothers I know we get tired but LaShon shows us the importance of being active in our kids school and helping to give back. I hope you all enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed speaking with her. She has a beautiful spirit and is motivation to all us women and mothers out there. -Fierce 


Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you can you please introduce yourself? 

LaShon: My name is Lashon Thompson from the Bravo TV Show Mother Funders.

Fierce: How did you become apart of the show “Mother Funders”? (Which is a great play on words.) 

LaShon: Well we were all in shock when they told us the name of the show. This was my first year on the PTO board and it was not the typical PTO from when I was growing up. W have extravagant events that raises a lot of money and we give it back to the school. With Carla being the PTO president the show was presented to her and the network liked what we were doing and I along with the rest of the ladies was asked to be on the show.

Fierce: Were you afraid of becoming a part of the reality TV world with all the negative backlash it gets?

LaShon: Absolutely. My sons are on Family Hustle  with their dad and seeing some of the reactions in people’s comments on social media towards anything that you do is the scariest thing in the world. It is not in my favor to act and say what I really want to say and people will judge you no matter what. This is putting it on a larger scale and I am opening up my home to the world. I haven’t had any criticism  on marriage, family or parenting skills yet however.

Fierce: You are on a network that is known for the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” that gets a lot of negative backlash about the portrayal of African American women. How do you make sure that you are not apart of that ? 

LaShon: Our cast is diverse and I have been completely myself.  I have not been extra with  my personality, I have been me and I have no doubt that the editing part of the show cannot put me in a negative light.  I have not put myself there, I have not done anything that can portray me as an angry black woman.

Fierce: Being on reality TV people can perceive you to be a certain way especially with the way they edit out the shows. Do you think you might be perceived wrong on the show or think people might have misconceptions of you? 

LaShon: Yeah. I have seen that with Carla. When I see people out in the community people ask me if Carla is really that way and honestly what you see on the show that is her. I don’t get that when it is just her and I filming. She is over the top all the time but it just seems more intense when we are all in the room together but I think, and I can’t speak for her. but I think when we all are in the boardroom. I feel she may not know what we will say and she thinks production  has told us what to say and she feels she might be attacked. But outside of the board room she is very sweet. She is the real reason we are all on the show. She wanted us all on the show together and she has a very good heart even though it can get hard in the boardroom. I call her about everything

Fierce: How do you deal with the different personalities on the show? 

LaShon: I don’t think it’s a lot of drama it’s just more of us working together. We have one goal which is raising money and donating the money. Everyone has their own different personalities and their own particular way of doing things but we get along well.

Fierce: Outside of the show, what are some other projects that you are working on? 

LaShon: Well the one thing the cameras do not capture is my mom whose in the nursing home.  She is not walking due to a stroke and she also has onset stage of dementia.  I am at the nursing home a lot playing bingo and I do not take it easy on them because some of them can play. I manage my oldest son Messiah who is an actor and my youngest son Domani is in music. My husband is a driver with his own trucking company and my daughter is in dance so I have a lot going on.

Fierce: You are a wife, mother, you are on this great show doing great things and you are also an entrepreneur. How do you do it? 

LaShon: Girl I don’t know. I am serious. I feel like I get nothing done because I have so much stuff I have to do and I take away from this side to do this over here but  I get so much family support.  It’s hard but  it is so worth it.

Fierce: What is something positive that people can take away from the show? 

LaShon: The whole purpose of the show (Mother Funders)  is to show you can be a parent working or staying at home and you can have time to volunteer at your kids school. It can be for an hour  or 30 minutes but  what a difference it can make and the impact that it can have.

Fierce: What do you want LaShon Thompson to be know for? 

LaShon: Being that a lot of things that I do is surrounded by my family or doing things for my family, I want a management company.  I want to manage children that are in the entertainment business or trying to get in the business. That is my goal.

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to the fans of the show or just anyone who has always been in your corner? 

LaShon: Yes, first I want to thank my family for being supportive of me and I know it hasn’t gotten crazy yet, and hopefully it won’t get to crazy. I am grateful to show the work that I do for my children and for my children’s school. A lot of people are not able to show the world what they do and to all the fans that watch the show I want the world to know that all of us ladies, we have great intentions. We care about our kids and the kids in the school and we all mean well.


Make sure to watch Mother Funders every Sunday at 10pm on Bravo

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