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10 Mar Money Memories with Mic Lungz


Gearing up for the release of his new album Bully Beatdown, I had the please of speaking with Mic Lungz himself. A young man who does not believe in the word ‘no.’ And if you tell him he can’t he will show you he can. A spirit like that needs to be embodies by everyone. I really enjoyed speaking with him and make sure you all get his new album set to be released on March, 18 2014 on -Mz. Fierce 

Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you can you please introduce yourself?

Mic: My name is Mic Lungz and I am a mc/rapper/artist and I am from Silver Springs, Maryland.

Fierce: Tell us a little about yourself and what your life has been like? I know you are the child of 2 Dominican Immigrants.

Mic: Uh let’s see it’s pretty easy. My parents are Dominican but I was Americanized. All my aunts have the heavy accents and my parents adapted easily to the DC area. In my household we did not speak a lot of Spanish but we played the Spanish music in the house and we had the family reunions and such.

Fierce: Do you remember the moment that you fell in love with Hip-Hip and who influenced you the most?

Mic: I always get asked this question. I don’t remember that moment. I was born and raised in that golden area of hip hop with artist like Run DMC. I couldn’t fall in love with Hip-Hop since it was always there. We carried our boom box and there was no acting about it. To fall in love with it is like asking when did you fall in love with your parents. They were always there.

Fierce: Now you have experienced being in a group and also being a solo artist. Was it hard to transition from being in a group to now being a solo artist?

Mic: It was easy for me because I did everything anyway like studio and writing the music so it made it easier to not have to answer to anyone.

Fierce: Being a solo artist how would you describe your style of rapping?

Mic: Um I’m a little bit of everything. Some stuff you get may be lyrical and some things are punch line and conscious raps. I write off of my emotions. I give it you so graphic so you can feel it. I am a universal artist.

Fierce: Now you dropped your first solo project Concrete Heart back in 2012. How was that for you? And how did the fans reaction to it make you feel?

Mic: I liked it. It was pretty cool. It was more of 808 beats but I wouldn’t say that it totally represented me.

Fierce: You’re currently working on your next project. What can the people expect from your new project?

Mic: Um actually Concrete Heart was not my first project. I had Money Memories which I think is one of my best projects. I am working on part 2 but March 18 is the release of Bully Beat Down and it’s like taking 2 fighters from different arenas and putting them together. There is a lot of reference in the music to MMA fighter but once you listen to every song you will get the story.

Fierce: What has been one of the best moments you have experienced along this journey?

Mic: Traveling. At least twice a month I am in spots I have never been to. I am in Atlanta a lot. I am in Denver next month and music has allowed me to travel. I would have never went to Seattle if it wasn’t for my music.

Fierce: What advice could you give to anyone that is thinking about going after their dreams like you did?

Mic: Stick to your gut and don’t listen to anybody. Even when I went to start my gym, I did not know how to work a gym, so I went and worked in a gym. Then I wanted to be a personal trainer so I went to work for a personal trainer and I jumped in to it and it’s the same thing with my music. Any advice……do what you feel is right. Trust yourself and listen to no ONE. I am going on 10 years with my gym and doing my music since 1994.

Fierce: Where can the people find your music?

Mic: Twitter and Instagram has my links as well and my name on Twitter and Instagram or the same Mic Lungz.

Fierce: Anything you would like to say to your fans or supporters?

Mic: Yeah just keep supporting me. I have a lot of projects coming up. I have a joint album coming out with my homie who is a white rapper and a rocker as well and I am all over the place. I am opening up for Rick Ross up in DC so yeah just keep supporting me.


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