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10 Dec One on One with Eddy Inserra

I always enjoy speaking with entrepreneurs. To me not only do they run a business but they had a dream and turned it in to reality and that is exactly what Eddy Inserra and his business partners did. Who would have thought that one look at a business card would have sparked such an idea. I always take something away when I interview artist or entrepreneurs and Eddy was no different. For all of you inspiring entrepreneurs out there (including myself) this a person that you will want to study and who I feel will go down in history with some of the greats. -Mz. Fierce  


Fierce: For those who may not have heard of you, can you please introduce yourself?

Eddy: My name is Eddy Inserra and I am the Co-Founder and CEO of It is basically a free site that allows people to found you with one link on all the social media sites.

Fierce: How did you come up with the idea of

Eddy:A lot of people ask me that question and I never get tired of explaining. One of my business partners and I, we grew up together and he moved from Boston to Los Angeles. We were doing marketing for a Hip Hop artist and he had a show in Hollywood one night. That night artist came up to us and he gave us his business card and asked us to check out his music and I looked down at his business card and there was about 8 links for a social networks and I did not know how to reach him. I mentioned it to Junior (one of my business partners) how it would be easier if he had just one link that would give us access to all of his social sites and plus make his business card look better. The next morning he (Junior) woke up and he said Eddy I think that is a good idea so we reached out to Phil our 3rd business partner and he build us a prototype after speaking with us about the idea and that’s how it all began.

(Side bar: Eddy and I discuss the Apprentice episode where his services were used with a barcode embedded on images)

Eddy: The barcode is a QR barcode and you see them on all this marketing material and basically what they do you can have a QR app on your phone and you open it and you scan the barcode. It takes you to a page and our QR code provides our customer with the ability to take  them to all your links, to all your profiles, and takes them to your site without having to write in the link and what separates us is we can put your image on the barcode.

Fierce: Now coming up with an idea is one thing and bringing the idea to life is another. How did you set out to bring to life?

Eddy: Another great question. I have to give a lot of credits to my partners Junior and Phil.  I am a thinker and I am a structured guy and my business partners, Junior in particular, he is the action guy. He will take the appropriate action to get it in movement. He is the one that contacted Phil and asked him to get on it. It takes a team to get something like this off the ground so all the credit goes to my team.

Fierce:Now I read that you are a self-taught engineer which I think is outstanding. How does one teach themselves to become an engineer and how do you think that prepared you for the position that you are in now?

Eddy: Well thank you I appreciate that. So I originally went to computer school after I finished high school and I was not sure what I wanted to do in life. It’s what my father did when he was home, he played with computers, so I got certified to fix computers but I wasn’t able to find a job. It was a rough time and I needed to support my family.  I was hired by a government company that needed bodies and they opened the door for me. I proved myself and anytime they had training I took them up on it and I went to the bookstore and got books on electronics and business books to get myself in the right mind. I picked up on the electronics pretty quickly but at one time I looked at the guys next to me that had the degrees and they were like 60 years and I was like do I really want to do this for the rest of my life. I had so much respect for them but I knew that this was not what I wanted to do forever.

Fierce: You have been described as a “personal branding guru” and a “guerilla marketing expert”. How does that make you feel when you hear that and explain what it is as well as far as what you do?

Eddy: Very humbling. It’s just like you know I can’t get over it sometimes. It’s great and I think that the reason that I can come up with ideas this good is because  I was in a structured environment and I had an open mind about everything.  I wish that I had gone to college and I think not going that route it got me in the open mind mentality that I don’t have to go down that route to be successful. It borders the boundaries that are put up around people and that you have to do “A” to get to “B”. That type of thinking, like the business card that was given to me it was like this does not make sense and to see people using my idea like on Apprentice is very humbling. Lil John called me to do the barcode and he was called a marketing a genius on the show.

Fierce: How does it make you feel to see an idea that you came up with come to life and see so many people enjoy it and also get recognition for it as well?

Eddy: It is just amazing at the end of the day. Our goal as a team is to help out  how many people as possible. With any good business if you’re helping people you will succeed. Millions of people come to this site every month to connect to people and we use to come to this site and see the numbers and it just kept growing. Obviously we like to see financial success come out of this  but we are satisfied with helping people

Fierce: Was there ever a time that you envisioned yourself in this position and does it ever feel surreal at times?

Eddy: It always feels surreal when I see Raekwon or some big celebrity tweeting the link like Lil Kim or  texting DJ Capri. And it’s not just the celebrities using what I have to offer but I’m like “wow”. I grew up listening to their music and my partners feel the same way. A lot of people did not believe in us at first and we just ignored all that and it’s just been amazing and I am very grateful and blessed.

Fierce: Now with a new year upon us, what is next for and yourself?

Eddy:The biggest thing with the company is us developing more around and we are fundraising for the company. If anyone is interested you can contact me. We also have some talented developers working on the apps for Android and Apple and we are concentrating on celebrities and entertainers to get our name out there and also expanding to small businesses. We are discussing this as a team what demographic to hit.

Fierce: What is the best advice that Eddy Inserra has ever received?

Eddy: Even if you have never done something before does not mean you should never try. Just because I did not know of certain things, I was technically able but I did not have the right experience at the time but I got in. Someone gave me a chance and you have to be hungry enough. You have to send your resume to 100 people. You have to hustle. You to have grind. Just because you haven’t done it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

Fierce: Is there any advice that you would like to leave us with myself included this evening?

I say like what you said earlier, if money is driving you whether it be music or blogging etc.  You have to re assess what you are doing. The money will come if you are happy with what you are doing. You cannot be successful if you are unhappy all the time. Just help people and inspire people and it will come.


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