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09 Sep Park Legend….E Dott

Raised in the South but currently residing in Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love, E Dott combines the two worlds (South and North) to bring us a very unique and distinctive sound when it comes to music. Not only is his sound different but he also showcasing young men and women in a positive light. Something that is not done often. Men respect him, Ladies love him. And i hope you all enjoy my interview with the Park Legend himself. E Dott. -Mz.Fierce  

Fierce: For anyone who may not know who you are can you introduce yourself to the world?

E Dott: I am E.Dott I also go by EA. That was my original nickname as in EA sports. My twitter handle is edottanswer and I am from Tampa, Florida born and raised.

Fierce: Tell us about E Dott and how did you get your start in music?

E Dott: Well I originally started rapping with my best friend.  I grew up being a musician, I’ve been a drummer since I was young and I was looking for an avenue in music to express myself. My best friend and I started performing and cyphering and started doing things in the tri state area. It caught on and you know it just came organically. My best friend he passed away and now that he is gone I continue on his name. He was J. Dott and I was EA so I took on E.Dott.

Fierce: I know you are originally from Tampa and now reside in Philly, what made you want to make that move?

E Dott: I just always have been different and I have always had a bigger dream. Being from the south it is a way of doing things in the  and with me growing up in that environment I wanted to see something different. I did it to see how far I could go and I just wanted to see something new.

Fierce: Do you feel that you blend the two (Tampa and Philly) into your music?

E Dott: Yeah I definitely do. It’s certain things that you cannot take out of me and I will always be southern. I think a lot of my music always come across northern I guess because of my accent. I am a hybrid, a combination of the two but at the same time it has a vibe. At heart I am from the South but it’s just the way that it sounds the audio part of it but I think it is good.

Fierce: Speaking of your music I understand that you are about to release a new mixtape. Tell us about it.

E Dott: “Park Legend” has been released and it is on DatPiff. It’s hot, it definitely is dope. I would advised anyone to go check it out. It has a lot of different feels to it. It’s very relevant to regular life. I pride myself on that. A lot of people speak about fantasy and there is nothing wrong with that but I think that “Park Legend” is a versatile piece of art.

Fierce: You know being in this industry it’s a lot of work and can be stressful at times. What does E Dott do to relieve his stress?

E Dott: Honestly making music for me is therapeutic. If I did not do this as a business I would still make music. I don’t necessarily have to talk about everything that is going on in my life to make it therapy it’s just about getting out certain emotions and I just take whatever frustration I have and put it into the music. It feels good, it is fun, and it’s a release and makes me feel better.

Fierce: Has there ever been a tine that you felt this is something that you just did not want to do anymore because of how hard it can get?

E Dott: That’s a tough question. Not necessarily the music part but the business part. You never know what is next because the game changes every day and because the game is saturated with artist it can be frustrating at times but I am very competitive. I have my days that I feel that I am not being recognized but I don’t sweat it too much. Anything worth having is worth working for and I just stay grounded.

Fierce: Now I loved your video “New New”. I was telling your publicists that you got us women down to a “T” in the video. Was there a special lady that inspired the song/video?

E Dott: Nah it wasn’t like that I think that when I first wrote the song that I was just like thinking about the character from “ATL” (the movie) New New. What came to mind was the   idea of when you first meet someone new and I remember Musiq Soulchild song everything is good when you meet someone new and for me it was more so of the fantasy that I don’t have. As a rapper you are expected to be in the strip club and for once I wanted to speak of the other side of a rapper and speak about a lady and being in her presence and working and trying to impress her. Hip Hop is missing that and dudes not being their selves and that is something that I just wanted to do especially for the sisters. Us brothers we can act like we have some sense. So often we get portrayed like we are dogs and that is not all that we are and when you run into a female that don’t play that you have to step your game up.

Fierce: Where do you see yourself in 10 years not with just your music but life period?

E Dott: I would like to see myself in an owner position owning multiple businesses. My whole goal was to never be just a rapper but to create jobs for people. I am from the hood and I want to create jobs and the more businesses I can own the more jobs I can create for the good people.


Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans or supporters?

E Dott: Thank you. You know I really appreciate it at this point it means the world to know that people really appreciate and still look for art. We are in a different day now and a lot of hot artist go unnoticed along with their music and it is more so of the image and how much money you have behind you. If you support me that lets me know you appreciate real music from the heart. Stay with me and with smart work comes success and it will all work out.





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