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14 Jun Perfection With Ash

“Let’s forget them and just enjoy the ride”


I interviewed Ash back in the earlier part of this year and if music ever needed a breath of fresh air we have it in this young lady. Her views on life and love is different from what we have been introduced to you over the years and it is something worth everyone listening too. Even when interviewing her I could feel the positivity that flowed from within her and on top of that she is uber talented. So please when finishing this interviewing click the links at the bottom and support this young lady.


Fierce: Ash please introduce yourself to those who are not familiar with you?

Ash: I am Ash a pop/urban artist and songwriter and I am a new artist  just sharing my music and lyrics with any one who is willing to listen.

Fierce: Where does that beautiful voice that you possess come from?

Ash: My grandmother use to play the piano and she sang as well as my mother; and she has a beautiful voice. I still get nervous singing around her but yes, i get it from my grandmother. They both have very unique voices with a very good feel. This is what I admire about their voices, their honest and cool approach to music which is very simple.

Fierce: When did you discover that you were in possession of such a talent?

Ash: Oh i was very small, really small. I use to play as a sang and play under my mom’s skirt when I was a toddler and it was not something that I would think about. When i was around 11 or 12 that is when i realized I had this voice and when i started to hear myself different.

Fierce : You worked on Capital Hill, what made you decide to go for it and pursue your dream?

Ash: When i graduated from college I applied to  one of the biggest security teams in the country and I was hired. The summer after I graduated I  interned since my classes did not start till October. I would hang out on Capital Hill networking and before I started training for the class, I made the decision to not start. I was not in a secure and beneficial place to let it go but I also was not passionate about it. I wanted to really think and pray about it and when I  sat down and wrote some things out, I listened within and i saved up to go and pursue music. I was afraid, but not afraid to move forward.

Fierce: How was it working on your EP Perfect?

Ash: It was really fun and  a breath of fresh air. I worked with T. Brown  a producer and it was just the two us so it was really cool. There was not a lot of things going on so we were able to sit down and write but I was also on the road with Janelle Monae so there was some challenges since i was not home much. The song Perfect I wrote in 5 minutes, it just popped up in my head; and there were other songs that took a few days for me to write.  It was really fun, it was kind of surreal i was like WOW, I am about to put out music and I hope people like it. It was liberating, nerve wrecking, and beautiful all at the same time.


Fierce: I read that you want to sing about love but with a twist on it. What’s your twist on love songs?

Ash: I  didn’t want to sing about love from a relationship point of view. Perfect is my song about relationships with  men like my boyfriend or my my father. Dear Dream is my relationship with my career and Anyway is my relationship with people who were not so nice to me. I am saying that I am going to love them no matter their judgement towards  me. Lost was pretty much like the war I was having internally. At  the time I had lost my dad and I was putting  out the EP and coming out as a artist at a very sad time in my life. It was me putting myself in other people views and using love as a basis.

Fierce: Do you feel pressured to label what type of artist that you are?

Ash: No i don’t. I  think the cool thing about being independent is being able to travel all over. POP music is short for POPULAR. Most pop songs are songs that the non singer can sing along too. Its simple enough for people to click to it and be able to sing along. I don’t have any control on how it lands or how it is labeled; my goal is to write songs that are simple enough for people to sing along too but it will have depth for everyone to understand,but i don’t feel pressured to be with any genre. I am just apart  a group of people who are putting out great music.

Fierce: This music industry is very cut throat and they love to label women in the industry or make them into a sex vixen. Do you think this is something you will be able to avoid and how so?

Ash: Well i am comfortable in my skin. I am NOT anti woman, anti sexy, and anti you know just being confident in yourself and what you have. I think the one thing that keeps me from showing too much physically is me being a substitute teacher. I  am seeing first hand how the music affects the kids. There is enough out there so I don’t need to add to it. It works best that I stay over here and give them a different perspective. I am not  knocking anyone else’s artistic lane but there needs to be some balance and I  want to show a different perspective of being sexy.

Fierce: What is next for Ash?

Ash: I  am still floating!!!! The EP  has been out for a month and a day or two. I am still pushing it and hopefully will be  putting  a video out soon along with some up and coming performances. I am just excited about getting the  train going so that is what’s next for me. More interviews and more interviews and working the EP.

Fierce: Where can people find your music?

Ash: Itunes, and of course all the digital outlets have samplers that they can listen too before they purchase it.


Connect with Ash on all of her social site and make sure you support and download her music 🙂





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