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03 Sep Rashida Watler…… More Than a Woman

I read her bio and I was instantly impressed by her. She is who I want to be when I grow up. I was so intrigued when I spoke with her. I don’t know her personally but hopefully one day I get to meet her and she is able to share more of her knowledge with me and more young women across the country and the world. Honestly speaking with her that night changed my life and she doesn’t even know it. In one hour she has motivated me to be a better woman, mother, person and business woman. I hope that whoever reads this (especially young women) are inspired as well. -Mz.Fierce


Fierce: Can you introduce yourself and give us a little bit about your background?

Rashida: My name is Rashida Watler and I am the CEO of Super Femina Entertainment. I am originally from Harlem New York and I run a successful lifestyle company.

Fierce: How did you get your start in the entertainment business?

Rashida: I started in the business when I was in law school. At the time and I was looking for a position and I had a colleague (Raheem) who introduced me to all the high name entertainment  lawyers. Raheem worked at J Records and he took me under his wings. My first start was Wu Tang and to date I currently still work with Wu Tang and RZA took me on as the legal asset for Wu Tang and under that I got a lot of experience. From there I went from label to label but being with them I got the foot work and learned the terminology for such things as royalties and drafting up contracts.

Fierce: Being a woman entering into a field that is dominated mostly by men, did you find yourself being isolated or having to prove yourself in this business?

Rashida: Being a female is definitely hard but being in this business we never look at it like that. We never look at ourselves as outsiders because we play like the boys; we are harsh, we are stern, and we pretty much give them a run for their money. If f you play ball liked how they play ball they will respect you more and integrity is everything in this business. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything and being a female if you are not stern you will not be respected.

Fierce: How did Super Femina Entertainment come about?

Rashida: It’s so funny I got incorporated in 2004. I was actually working at the time at Colombia and it was in my Wu Tang days either or and I felt it was so much for me to do on the side and I wanted to tap into other areas. I would take on 5 projects with artist and it was a lot of work with my label job and making sure everything was done. I used my resources to start it and it has been evolving after that. I just made sure that branding was key and they knew my name. As long as my phone rings I am happy.

Fierce: Tell us a little about YRB magazine and what role you play with this magazine?

Rashida: Funny this is initially my starting point earlier in my career and I was Associate Executive in Chief at YRB Magazine.  I combined hip hop with cross over like 50 cent and Olivia and I came in from a music stand point. I put Rihanna in it when she first came out. I put YRB in stores and it was a pivotal point in my career and it was also a learning experience.

Fierce: Did you find it stressful at times balancing your business life and your personal life at times?

Rashida: I don’t think anyone has ever asked me that. Balance is so key. Personally sometimes it can become so conflicting because you want to be successful but I think with that being said it can become a situation but I know how to balance it. Being a mother and keeping the household together and running a business balance is key and also making sure nothing spills over to the next day that you planned on doing that day.

Fierce: What keeps you motivated and sane working what has to be a very hectic schedule?

Rashida: I only do stuff that I love and if I do not have any love or passion for it and what is the point in doing it.

Fierce: Do you ever have a moment or moments when you look at what all you have accomplished and sometimes you have to pinch yourself?

Rashida: I don’t feel that. I don’t see any of that. I go down memory lane and it is all work and I do not feel that I have accomplished anything. I come from an era you get what you put out and the fact that I am able to move on and take it to the next level and to be in this game for the past 15 years and still have people call me on the phone for different projects and different corporations that is the utmost for me.

Fierce: What advice would you give young women such as myself that are embarking on this journey to make their dreams come true?

Rashida: First of all in 2013 I want to show young women that they can have it all and I want them to know that you can do anything you  put your mind to. Always put yourself first and whatever takes place on your journey make sure you are happy and content. Be an asset for your man and you come to the table with something. Show your worth and make sure they understand your worth.  No one wants to be a liability. I support every female and their journey.  I love supporting young females. I definitely want to be a reflection for my daughter.

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans or supporters?

Rashida: Absolutely. I want to thank CeCe Vance for pushing me to step out there on the scale and to create this hype. I would like to thank Sonya Norwood and my partner Dona. I also want to thank all of artist under Super Fema entertainment and all my clients that I work with. Also my new signee Dj Kayotik he is the new Belair boy for Rick Ross so look out for him. I am just so humble and very thankful for everyone and everything.



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