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29 Oct Ready To Die-Matty Carter + Ariel

Listening to Ready To Die by Matty Carter + Ariel I immediately begin to think of Michael Jacksons’ Dirty Diana. The raw, gritty, vocals, and edge that the song embodies  is very reminiscent of Dirty Diana but the message and the artist are very different in their own way.  The message is very clear…..LIVE YOUR LIFE. “Throw your hands in the air, live like you’re ready to die”; should be everyone’s mantra. Whatever is happening in your life and around you, don’t let it hold you back from living. Live life to the fullest like it’s your last day. Ready to Die is the BEST song to relay that message and to hear it coming from two very talented artist, Matty Carter + Ariel doesn’t hurt either.


Speaking on the track, Carter states: “ We are literally living in fear- you can’t turn your phone or TV on without seeing nuclear threats, attacks, natural disasters- there is complete world disharmony, and you can not escape it. You spend your whole life wishing and worrying and fearing that all you’ve actually done is run out of time – so throw your hands in the air and live.”

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