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03 Mar Reality with Kevo

Reality with Kevo. I like him. I really do. This young man is one word….deep. He is very aware of who he is and is not afraid to speak to his mind. He is very aware of the world around him. Not only is he an author but also a tattoo artist. He is not afraid to express himself and do what is necessary. This is Kevo. -Mz. Fierce 



Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you can you please introduce yourself?

Kevo: I am Kevo a tattoo artist from Houston, Texas. I am the first and the youngest person to own 2 tattoo shops in Houston. I am 26 years old and I am also an author and an artist.

Fierce: Tell us a little about your upbringing and background and how it played a part on who you are today?

Kevo: My upbringing was crazy.  I don’t think that I would be the person that I am if it wasn’t for my upbringing. I am from the hood, the real hood, the streets. I had a rough child hood being homeless and no parents. I have been shot, I’ve been to jail, and I have been stabbed but the survival in the hood gave me the mentality to get away from it all and to become a successful author and a tattoo artist. I turned it into something positive.

Fierce: Unfortunately you have been to prison and had to do some time, what was that like for you? I know a lot of people that say that being in prison changed them for them better. Was it like that for you?

Kevo: I know people can change while in prison but I don’t think that is true. I don’t think jail changes people, people change their selves. I’ve been to jail, its more black men in jail then out of jail. For me going to jail did not do anything positive for me except for reading an. extra book I was still fighting, I was still being a nigga. We are dealing with a young black man and if he makes it to 21 that is a blessing, but if that is a success we are already behind. I don’t feel jail helps anyone. Black people are spiritual and it breaks our spirit. Jail hurt me, it messed up my mind, and it made me not want to do anything. We need to stop glorifying men going to jail and getting shot. Why can’t we glorify my homie graduating from Harvard? It sounds good but we need to stop glorifying it. I’m not saying jail doesn’t change people but it’s very few that changes for the better. Jail is not made for men. Being in a cage is not made for men and our leaders, our dudes, are promoting it like its cool. They are promoting us killing each other like its cool. If it was working we would have been blessed our communities.

Fierce: Now fast forward, you are a tattoo artist as well as an author. What made you want to venture in to those 2 totally different avenues?

Kevo: It’s not. It’s an art form and in an environment of the hood writing is a big part of the urban culture. We are rappers, singers, and poets so it became easy to write. I was writing letters. It wasn’t hard to become an author. I was always called a poet and the message I have you cannot get from rap. What I was writing about I could not rap about.

Fierce: Now with tattoos you know a lot of people have their own opinions about it. I for one like tattoos just don’t have that many (one) but I know a lot of people that become like addicted to it and they keep coming back for more. Being a tattoo artist why do you think it is so addictive?

Kevo: Man because everybody is different but everybody is the same in a weird way.  A lot of people get tattoos based on their wardrobe and some people find peace with their tattoos and it helps them to get away from life. Some people are also into art and they like beautiful tattoos and they want them forever and they don’t care to pay for it.

Fierce: Now you have a new book out Reality is Wrong. Tell us about the book and why Reality is Wrong?

Kevo: This is about a study that I was doing with a group of people about the reality that we were born into but you can create your own reality. I was inspired to write about it from my studies in history. From my research education has dumb some people down and it’s supposed to educate people. Now I am working on a new book about the 3 steps to mentally get out of the hood. With me if someone was to tell you someone wrote a book on how to get out of the hood mentally, they are going to ask how he know and I’m like I did it.

Fierce: What made you want to become an author and share your thoughts with the world? Were you afraid to share a piece of yourself with the world?

Kevo: I have never in my life been scared of anything that I felt like I had to do. I grew up without parents and got over it. I have the mentality that something’s just have to be done. When it comes to public speaking and acting I will get on stage and do it for people to hear what I have to say.

Fierce: What is Kevo’s take on the world especially with all that is going on now?

Kevo: My take on the world is that it is crying and its child, the human beings, are not making it any better.  We can step outside of our races and our gender and see if we are living in harmony and we are not. I feel as a part of this creation that we all live in, if we are a part of it, why don’t we respect it? Why don’t people value life? When I study my history we come from a people that valued life and now people don’t. As a people we can be easily satisfied but we are greedy, but that’s my view. It’s bad and we ignore it

Fierce: What was or is your thought process like when putting together your books?

Kevo: I wrote my books very young but the one I am writing now is different because I have experience. The first two was more of letters but my thing when I’m writing now is to not get off subject and to not treat it as a business. Most books are written for the purpose of making money but I want to write a book to help people. When you think about money you hustle people and you stretch the truth. If I write this genuinely and to be real I feel that I can have the best product.

Fierce: What would you like for the people to take away when they read your books? You’re writing makes people think so it’s not like they are going to a fantasy world.

Kevo: And that’s what I want them to think about it. I want black people to relax and cool down and to take some time off. I want them to think. If you hold up something right to your face you can’t see it but, if you hold it back you cans see it clearer. My material is to show them it’s here but you are not looking at it. Think about what is going on and analyze it.

Fierce: Where can people find your writing?

Kevo: You can find my writings on and on Kindle as well. You can also check out my website You can hit up my website as well if you are interested in getting a tattoo. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram as well Kevo2021.


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