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04 May Rhythm & Blues with Josh

Rhythm n Blues or RnB  as it is called growing up was played in my household all day everyday. RnB is very soulful. When you listen to it you can hear the singer leave there emotions on the song. Josh understands RnB. Listening to his songs puts you in the mind of the greats that came before him. He definitely has the baby making songs for the lovers out there but above all else he has the talent as well. -Mz. Fierce


Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you can you please introduce yourself? 

Josh: I go by Josh RnB. I am originally from Florida but I now reside  in New York for over 6 years now. Music is what I do. I have been singing since I was 6 in church and I have just been pushing since then. I am trying to be what these other artist inspire me to be and take it to the next level.

Fierce: How did music become apart of your life? 

Josh:  I was  raised in the church and my grandmother use to tell  me to get up and sing with my sister and I haven’t sat back down since. I feel  to have a talent to make people feel a certain way and put smiles on their faces is wonderful and  it has been a part of me every since.

Fierce: How would you describe your style of singing? 

Josh: Well I would have to say that  I try not to sound like anybody exactly. I don’t want to sound like anyone that inspired me I just want to have their skills. I would describe my style as  smooth and when I sing,  try to make sure you understand what I am saying. I make it for the ladies; I feel like I am original but I get compared to Lloyd and Chris Brown but I try not to sound like them but I do feel I bring another style to my music.

Fierce: What does RnB mean to you? 

Josh: RnB is life. It is the soul, it is the rhythm, the smoothness; it can be hard to explain it but it is a way of life. Sometimes you have to be the tough dude and the smooth dude. Its not just for the ladies its for everyone. It’s a lifestyle and  not just a word. Its how you live and your personality.

Fierce: What is your opinion on the state of RnB now since this is not the RnB our mam’s were listening too?

Josh: My opinion is….. I don’t listen to that type of RnB and if I do listen it has to be a certain singer that I enjoy. It has changed so much. Before you wanted to listen to every word and now the soulfulness  is gone it does not make you feel a type of way like it  is suppose to. I don’t condone it but it is the music industry and it is what sells currently.

Fierce: Now you were apart of a group first and now you are venturing out solo. How has that been for you? 

Josh: Well I feel like me actually departing from the duo (J&J)   was the right move for me. Now  I can show my talent and not wait on someone else. I have been doing music longer then he had at the time  and he had a lot of learning to do.  I took it upon myself to depart from the group to focus on myself because I was ready. I have a family to feed and I do not regret it.


Fierce: What has your journey been like thus far on this indie grind? 

Josh: I can say my journey has been exciting and to see myself growing and learning and becoming  better artist and more  business minded about this industry. This industry can be dirty  I don’t regret it.  Its what I want to do, its real life to me. I feel that I have to do this.

Fierce: What was it about Camelot that made you decide to sign with them? 

Josh: Marvin (CEO of Camelot) is a smart dude and you really don’t come across too many like him that show you what he can do.  Marvin showed me what he could do before we even talked, and I did not get that vibe from him that he was full of crap, and ever since then he has been keeping his word.  Sometimes you have to take a chance and I felt confident in working with him.

Fierce: How important is it to know not just the music side of this business but the business side as well?  

Josh: Its very important to learn the business. You have to make sure you know the ins and outs of this business because  one slip up can be the end of your career. Knowing the business side cannot hurt you but only help you.

Fierce: Where do you see yourself going with your music and your career? 

Josh: I want to take it to the end of the road. I want to be the biggest thing but I know there are more cats out here wanting the same thing as me. Honestly if it ends tomorrow, I have done it all.  Its not all about the money. I just love the music but I don’t have a destination.  I just don’t want to stop. I want to be all over the world. I want the people to know who I am.

Fierce: Where can the people find your music? 

Josh: I am also  getting ready to post a lot more on Youtube and the name for Soundcloud is the same as the Twitter and so is my Instagram JoshR_RnB.

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and supporters? 

Josh: I just want to say I appreciate everything that is going on. Shout out to Marvin and the whole Camelot team.




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