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There was nothing but positive vibes when speaking to this positive young woman who I know will truly leave a mark on this industry and change minds about what a female Emcee should be. EVG Rebel is definitely rebellious against the powers that may try to place her in a box but it will not work. I truly enjoyed speaking with her and I know this will not be the last time. Ladies take notes.-Mz. Fierce 

Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you please introduce yourself?

EVG: My name is EVG Rebel and I am from New Jersey and I am a female emcee /singer/and entertainer.

Fierce: Where did the name EVG Rebel come from?

EVG: EVG actually is my government name; my first name and my last initial and it first started as Evgie and me doing a couple of shows and people not being able to pronounce it so I changed it to EVG and then Rebel came along with what I wanted to represent as a female and an entertainer.

Fierce: Reading about you, it seems that you have been preparing yourself for this industry since the age of 4. You started off dancing and then crossed over into being an artist. When did you realize that you had a talent to tell stories (rapping) as I like to call it?

EVG:  I was dancing and it started off as a recreational thing and being a little girl your mother wants you to do little girls things. I always wrote poems and I did not know if I was good at it or not until I went to college and I started to post things on YouTube. I started to get a buzz on YouTube and then people were coming up to me saying they did not know I could rap and at first it was embarrassing but now it is natural.

Fierce: This industry is all about sex and money it seems, especially when it comes to female artist. How have you been able to not become a victim to the “sex sells” scheme and stay true to yourself and your artistry?

EVG: Um well to be honest when I first started I think I was a victim to it because I did not know better. I was surrounded by men who wanted to take charge and it put me in a predicament. When I started off it was definitely the typical this is how you should look and you should be this size and this what you should talk about. It took me a while to break away and to ask myself “What did I want to be?” and really realize that I did not have to go with that type of flow because I was not comfortable with it. Now I have more confidence in myself as a woman and how to portray the right image as a woman. I want to leave a legacy and not be just a pretty face and once those things set in I was able to pull myself away.

Fierce: Life is all about making mistakes and learning from them. What mistakes have you made along the way and what lessons have you learned from them?

Fierce: My biggest mistake was starting off in music and not trusting myself. That led to a lot of things like not trusting myself and listening to everyone else. The first major person I met they took me under their wings and told me to do pop and it did not feel right to me. I was told that if I sing, to sing pop, and to rap, to rap like Fergie. I went with that. I was kind of confused. Everyone was in my ear and I was around a lot of people that were not asking me what I wanted to be. They were waiting for me to get the big pay out and they wanted to mold me to get that money. If I would have just listened to myself and been more secure in myself as a woman I could have made better decisions. So yeah it was more so of me wanting to be myself and me not being able to be myself. I had to play it off and do certain things as an artist that I did not want to do and talk about something sexy. I never wanted to be that artist, I wanted to sing R&B. I wanted to sing soul. I was always discouraged to rap and I would tell people I wanted to rap and I was told to just sing.  I wanted to express myself in both ways. Now that it is just me and I am an independent artist, I can do whatever I want and I love it.

Fierce: Listening to you, you are definitely a “Rebel” against what a lot of the female rappers are that are in the industry currently. Do you think the industry will take notice and be ready for this type of female MC again?

EVG: I think that eventually they will take notice. I don’t really desire to be a part of the actual industry. I can do this and have a mass following being independent. I don’t want to do the whole Hollywood scene. My biggest fear of the industry is that I don’t want to be the next trend. I don’t want them to take notice to make money and then kick me to curb. I don’t want to be at the hands of anyone that thinks that I am disposable. As an artist we really don’t need labels now.  We have so many ways to get our music around the world now. I think people will take notice of course but I feel everybody has their time and I know that I will have my time.

Fierce: ‘S.H.E. (Strongest Human Ever) I must say I love that song and I think every woman can relate to verse two on the track. The song is very deep. Does it sometimes scare you to open up and share your soul to the world in that way?


EVG: Yes it does. It is a challenge because you have to know the line of how far you want to go and how much you want to tell. Me as an artist sometimes I wish I could put out everything in my music. To hear you say that you can relate to the second verse is the best feeling ever but as well I have to be careful of the people that are in my real life and not to mess up any relationships that I have with them. After my album is finished I know that there will be more questions asked and every time I go to the studio I think like should I really be saying this. I know that I am aware of what can happen when you say too much when you do too much. I am not as scared as I was.

Fierce: What is next for EVG Rebel and what can we expect in the upcoming year?

EVG: Right now I am finishing my album. My first actual debut album and I am hoping to drop it in January. It is 95% done and it is called The Story of She.  I am proud of it and I am excited to share it with the world. Before it drops there will be a couple of videos that will drop that will be in story form and after the album drop we plan on doing a promotional tour. We just finished one and it was very successful like any major artist so that is what is going.

Fierce: Where can we find your music?

EVG:  Right now YouTube is where you can find the most as far as my music. is where my downloads will be once the album is released.

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and supporter?

EVG: I would just like to say thank you because they do not understand how much they push me to go further. It has been many times where it has been rough and it has been right on time that someone has said something nice to me and it kept me going.




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