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01 May Scanlouz Deleon

The second time was the charm when getting this interview together with Scanlouz. I must say he is genuinely a humble guy with his eyes on the prize. He knows what he wants and he Is going after it. I hope you all enjoy. 🙂 

Fierce: Good Afternoon/Evening Scanlouz Deleon how are you?

SD: I’m good. I am real good.

Fierce: So introduce yourself to the ones who may not be familiar with you?

SD: Well yeah I am Scanlouz Deleon from Merced,CA; Emerald City is what we call it. I am currently out here in Texas trying to do it, make my music happen. All gas no breaks.

Fierce: OK so let me just ask you…out of anything that you could have been, why be a rapper?

SD: Pretty much just growing up all I listened to was Tupac. I loved the way he told his stories through his rapping and I wanted to do the same thing. I wanted to play football initially but I was blessed with another gift, and that is to be an artist.

Fierce: In a world full of artist, full of rappers, up and coming rappers, what makes YOU stand out?

SD: I def understand right now the little rotating of the music and me being a Cali artist I understand it’s not our time right now. We have Kendrick and Nipsey but I am from central California and no one has come out of area but with me having that great Cali street sound, I think I can bring that back.

Fierce: You grew up in California, Merced to be exact, then moved to Sacramento. California California is home to some of the best rappers/artist I.e Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube etc. When you think of those who came before you, artistry wise, do you feel that you have to bring it each time when you’re in the studio?

SD: Of course. Coming from the West Coast we have a lot of greats but we are not sizzling at this moment. No one is popping. Whoever comes out of the West Coast we’re going to back them because they (Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre etc) set the tone for us. They started gangsta rap to be and to apart of that scene it has to be authentic

Fierce: If someone asked you to describe your music, what words would you use and why?

SD: It pretty much would be authentic, street, and storytelling. The reason(s) why are, I only like to speak on things I have seen and been into. And when I say seen, I was right there within arms lengths and that is what makes me different from a lot of other artist.

Fierce: You have your own label, Live & Exclusive Entertainment. There are a lot of artist that have hit mainstream and they are independent. Do you feel independent is better than being signed to a major label?

SD: Yeah. I am all with being independent for the simple fact there is no middle man. no one to filter you, the money comes straight to you and you disburse it. You might have to work a little harder but it’s worth it in the end.

Fierce: Speaking of the industry, what is your take on the music industry as far as the new wave of rap so to speak?

SD: As far as right now goes I feel e when it comes to music, it all has it times. You had the east coast, the west coast, the Midwest and now the south with the mumble rap. It’s new so people are embracing it. I feel like let them artist eat and let them get their bread but I can say it will not continue. It’s not authentic I’m not going to say it sucks but right now it Is their time. It’s all about rotation.

Fierce: What’s next for you?

SD: Pretty much right now I am grinding, flooding the streets all day every day or I’m networking with people. I am out doing shows working with my team to get more shows and getting these records on the radio and getting more videos out to the people.

Fierce: Any last words for your fans or the audience?

SD: Pretty much as far as fans, I appreciate you. Much love for the ones that have tapped in and for the ones that have not tapped in, check me out. Listen to my music. I don’t consider myself a rapper, I am an artist and I guarantee you will like something I do. For the kids out there, anyone that is griding, what I say to them is keep grinding.Work hard and keep the people that have your best interest around you.



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