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11 Aug Sean Lyric

Sean Lyric. He is a man that at a young age came from Haiti to the USA and here is where he discovered his love for music. Sean is a man of strong faith who is not afraid to share it either. I was able to speak with him and I enjoyed every moment. I hope you all enjoy it as well. -Mz. Firece


Fierce: For those who may not be familiar with Sean Lyric, can you please introduce yourself?

Sean: Sean Lyric and I am really a small town guy. I am originally from Haiti and I moved to America at a young age. I moved to Connecticut and that is where I spent my younger years until I moved to Brooklyn to attend college. My senior year I started to take my music serious since I could not finish my last year at college so I turned to my second love, music.

Fierce: Before we get into Sean the artist can you tell us who you are as a person and how being from a Haitian background has helped mold you into who you are today?

Sean: Well first I am a Christian and that is first and foremost. My faiths and beliefs are always upfront and I always put God first. I am a family man, I have tons of siblings, and I am the type of guy that I am not extra. I don’t have to be in all these extra places I am more of a low key guy.

Fierce: You left Haiti at the age of 9 and moved to Connecticut, was it a culture shock for you making that move and how hard was it to adjust?

Sean: Coming from Haiti and moving to Connecticut was a different world really. I am moving to a new area where the majority was white people and right off the back moving from Haiti and coming to a different place and having to pick up the language it was difficult. It was better for me coming over younger and learning the language but it was still hard not being able to speak what everyone else spoke and being picked on for having an accent. It was really a whole different world when I went off to college moving from Connecticut to New York; there is people everywhere.

Fierce: Now when you began rapping it was as a hobby only, when did you know you wanted it to be more?

Sean: I didn’t. I use to do it for fun with my family and friends and while making it a hobby but when I could not afford school everyone was telling me to pursue what I loved until I could finish school. That is when I started to turn to music and it has become my life now. I am 3 ½ years into music and the progression that we have made is amazing.

Fierce: Growing up who influenced you musically and who influences you now?

Sean: Musically as far as artist Jay Z is my all-time favorite artist and I do think he is the best with putting out quality music. He came from being a drug dealer to making major deals; the Samsung deal was major and that is what I want to do. I don’t want to be just a 40 year old rapper; I want to be and model my career after him but still be my own person.

Fierce: What type of mark do you think personally that you can leave on the music industry?

Sean: I always have more of a difficult time answering that and I want the people listening to me to determine that. Me, I rap about real life experiences and how I see things. I know it sounds cliché but I am real. Not everyone shoots everyone in the street and are popping bottles up in the club; not everyone does that. With me coming in with strong faith I hope others will come out with that as well. I am pretty sure that there are others in this industry that have strong faith and grew up in the church.

Fierce: If someone was to ask you, “Why should I listen to your music?” how would you reply?

Sean: I think people will enjoy my music because my music is very relatable and I speak for everyone. I know I will say something that you as a lady will like and something that a guy will like and if you are speaking from your heart people will relate. I want people to feel me. If people can’t relate to you then they will not care for your music.

Fierce: What is your thought process when it is time for you to get into the studio and make music?

Sean: My thought process is that I want to make great music better music then a Jay Z or a Drake. I black out when I am in the studio and that is my mentality. Everyone will not agree but I always think my next record will be the better then the one I made before.

Fierce: What has been some of the best advice that you have received as you embark on this journey?

Sean: The best advice that I have ever received is that the people that you have around you, you have to know if they really have your best interest in heart and have experienced that. I had someone who wanted to manage me and he was working with other artist as well and I write songs too. He would give it to other artist and they would make moves and move forward and I knew I was not in the right situation. From there I escaped and I really gathered my team with family members and knew that they wanted me to be great. You have to know who is on your side.

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans or supporters?

Sean: Just I always appreciate anyone that takes the time out to listen to my music, if you support me or not thank you for listening. For my supporters thank you for always supporting me and I will continue to give you something to support.


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