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26 Jan Shawn Kent

This interview was conducted back in November of 2o14. I can say once again I truly enjoyed this interview with this young and up and coming artist. There is many layers to this young that I hope the world gets to see one day. -Fierce 



Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you, can you please introduce yourself? 

Shawn: My name is Shawn Kent from New Jersey born and raised.

Fierce: Can you give us a little about your background and who Shawn Kent is as a person?

Shawn: I mean I am just a regular guy from New Jersey  with a crazy story. I started rapping when I was 16 which is kind of late to start rapping. I started to battle rap people at lunch but I never thought I would be a rapper. I was playing ball and then I started to box, which is what I got known for, which involved traveling and winning awards but I was still in school.Others kept telling me that I should start back rapping so here I am.

Fierce: Where did the name Shawn Kent come from and what is the meaning behind the name?  

Shawn: Well my real name is Duchant Johnson; I don’t know where my parents got the name from but  the announcers at the boxing match could never announce it so they started to call me “Shawn” so  I kept the name “Shawn”.  I am also a geek and I love heroes especially Superman. I like Clark Kent  so I put the name “Kent” on the end.

Fierce: You have dabbled in a lot from basketball and boxing. What was it about music that attracted you to it? 

Shawn: I mean really how I started…I got tricked into starting music. I was the new kid in school  and the most popular kid in school was a rapper. He started to battle rap me and when he finished, people went crazy so I was like I need to finish it. So I said something that made it seemed like I was a rapper. I lost and people kept getting on me that I lost so I kept practicing and a month later we battled rap again and I won.

Fierce: You had a scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh of Law, what happened to that opportunity? Do you sometimes wish you had chosen that latter? 

Shawn: I mean my ultimate goal is to be an artist and to make money. I really don’t want to be a lawyer but it is a good fall back plan. I have bills and I have people that depend on me. I hate law school so much that it drove me back to rapping because I had stopped at first.

Fierce: Pursuing this dream of being a rapper/artist, what has been some of the obstacles that you had had to overcome?

Shawn: My dream of music has always been the main obstacle.You hear a lot of stories of how they came looking for Nas because he was nice and I thought it would be like that for me but you see it is not like that. Like now you have to come to the label with the flyers, videos, songs and everything before they can sign you. So yeah, the first obstacle is one, not having the  money and 2,not knowing what’s the best moves to make.I have wasted a lot of money making the wrong decisions before I have gotten to where I am at.

Fierce: What does being a rapper/artist mean to you? 

Shawn: For me it means…I still look at rap like a competition. I just released a video where in the beginning I say I am the best in Pittsburgh.It’s no disrespect but I am the best in the city and no one has shown me other wise. It’s just competition. Me as a rapper I look at it as a way for me to compete with other rappers to get to the levels of other artist  and to be able to touch people lives. A lot of people out here have it rough. Listening to Pac  or a Slim Shady ep when I was growing up helped me to zone out and I want to give that to other people. I want to be in a position to where my success can help other people. It may not be big but if it’s like a kid that wants to get on stage or come on tour I want to do that, or to help a kid stop getting bullied. Some rappers don’t know the power that they have.

Fierce: For someone who may have never heard your music, how would you describe it?  

Shawn: My music is 100 percent me, it is real. Everything that you hear in my music I do, or I have done or is a story. It’s lyrical but never over the top lyrical but its very east coast.

Fierce: You dropped your first mixtape back in 2013, what is next for Shawn Kent? 

Shawn: Right now I am working on the untitled EP and working on a release date. Until then I am giving people singles and videos on Youtube till the ep is done.

Fierce: Where can the people find your music? 

Shawn: My site that is my music and videos and it will take you to all my pages.I am also on twitter @ShawnKentNRL. I am easily assessable on twitter I am bored a lot of times If I am not working so you can find me on there.

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and supporters?  

Shawn: Thank you for supporting me on my journey to get signed. Stay tuned and definitely check me out on and show me some support.


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