Fierces Corner | She is NOT R&B…..She is Devyn Rose
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03 Nov She is NOT R&B…..She is Devyn Rose

No Disrespect but she is not an R&B singer. She is a multi genre artist meaning she can do anything. Devyn Rose is a ball of excitement and passion and I just fell in love with her when conducting our interview. I could tell right away that she is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul but she is also a woman about her business and takes her artistry very serious. She is definitely something this industry is missing and pretty soon the world will know who Devyn Rose is. -Mz. Fierce 


Fierce: For those who may not be familiar with you can you please introduce yourself to the world?

Devyn: I go by the name of Devyn Rose and I am a multi genre musician from New York City.  I do everything from pop, alternative, and a little bit of R&B. I play instruments as well such as the piano and I dabble in the drums too.

Fierce: Now who is Devyn Rose because I read your bio and it seems that you are very multifaceted?

Devyn: Personality wise I am a fun person. I like to have fun and crack jokes. I am very passionate about my music, I am a fun person, I am not a stuck up person and I love to make people laugh.  I love life. Life is too short to be negative so I’m just a very positive person.

Fierce: Now before you started to take your singing seriously, you were a model and you also took dance lessons at a Broadway center. How have you entwined all of those things into the performer that you are today?

Devyn: Well, because I always liked dancing, my shows are not the typical shows where you have the dancers. My whole thing is more artistic and more theatre type dance, very theatrical. You kind of have to see it. It’s like watching a Broadway show.

Fierce: Do you feel that music chose you because you are very beautiful, you could have continued as a model if you wanted too.

Devyn: I think music choose me. I just think it’s funny because I have strict parents. I am Haitian and I couldn’t listen to music growing up. It is my passion and no one in my family is musically inclined except me so I think it did choose me. I think it is so funny.

Fierce: What has been some of the obstacles that you have had to overcome while on this journey of yours?

Devyn: Being female is like being one of the wackiest obstacle that I have had to overcome which is crazy because this is a man dominated industry. Before I use to be so friendly and now I am a beast so no one can run all over me.

Fierce: Now you have worked with a lot of influential people behind the scenes such as 3 6 Mafia, French Montana and Kurupt just to name a few. What have you learned from working with the likes of these artist?

Devyn: I basically think the grind and just being a dope artist. They kind of help me to find my sound and they gave me the opportunity to work with them. It was great vibes. I was basically the hook girl. It was awesome working with them

Fierce: Anyone that listens Devyn Rose what will they take away listening to your music?

Devyn: Just for the most part a positive message, like my song Want It All, everyone can relate to this.  I’m telling people to follow their dreams and sometimes I can be rugged. I talk about what I also want out of life as well but anyone that listens to my music I want them to feel good and yes positive music.

Fierce: With being in this industry and being in the spotlight comes a lot of responsibility. Are you ready for all of that and being labeled possibly a “role model” for young women out there?

Devyn: I mean I definitely am looking forward to it and I am ready. I sit here and I interview myself and already know what to expect. I know to expect the haters and the ones that love me. I am not perfect and I was rebellious as a child because I could not listen to music and I was forced to be a vegetarian.  I was angry as a child but other than that I would never say I am a perfect person but I would love to be a role model like I would not dress a certain way and I feel that I can be a mentor to girls that feel that they have to dress a certain way for attention. I want them to learn from my experience.

Fierce: Right now the music industry as far as females are dominated by Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj, do you think the industry is ready for someone as different and diverse as Devyn Rose?

Devyn: I definitely think so.  I think that I can be on the same level as these women and it will be no competition because we are all in our own lane and those women can never be replaced.

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans or supporters?

Devyn: I definitely want to give a big shout out to all my old fans and my new fans and the companies that are supporting me and I want to give a big shout out to everyone that supports me.







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