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27 Oct Simmie Green

Fierce: For those who may have never heard of you, can you please introduce yourself?

Simmie: My name is Simmie Green coming out of Saginaw, Michigan a Hip Hop artist now living in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Fierce: Tell us a little about Simmie Green and what attracted you to music?

Simmie: Ah man I’ve been loving music since I was kid. I grew up in the house listening to music. My mom would play Motown while cleaning up and in high school I played around with it in the hallways. After people started liking my music I started to take it seriously. I started to talk about my life and trying to create a positive vibe for my listeners and that’s what Simmie is all about.

Fierce: Now I read that at first, you started rapping to just “past the time”. Did you want to do something else in life before you decided to take your music seriously?

Simmie: I did when I was younger. I was a star in the city with baseball and I always loved sports and that is something that people do not know about me but I fell off in the music.

Fierce: When you decided to take music seriously, what steps did you take or what changes did you have to make because this is a business as well?

Simmie: Like I said at first it was fun and games and after I took it serious I dropped my first single and a family member of mine discovered me in Pittsburgh and they flew me out here to record the song. We uploaded the song and the city went crazy so I recorded it and that’s what we are pushing now. Blow is the single and that is the first step that I took seriously.

Fierce: As an artist, as an entertainer, what type of message are you trying to convey when someone listens to your music or comes to your shows?

Simmie: I’m trying to portray a positive image and I am trying to build this brand. Music is my passion but it is more than music. I want the kids and the parents to be able to look at me and say if he can do it so can I. I want people to look up to me and that’s what I do it for; I want to uplift lives.

Fierce: Everyone dreams of making it big and winning a Grammy but there are some artist who aren’t your Grammy type of artist i.e.  Gucci or Yo Gotti but still have a huge fan base. If that were to be you, would you be okay with that and why?

Simmie: I can’t say I would be content with it but that alone is a beautiful feeling. That you have a few million fans that you love and love you and you can feel out a club but I am sure those guys are thinking bigger and want to take the next step. I think that would be a beautiful thing. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that you just can’t be content with it.

Fierce: Now I read that you are working on a new mixtape. Has it been released yet? And what can we get from Simmie Green on this mixtape?

Simmie: Actually the mixtape is not out now. It’s complete but we are working on the sound quality to make sure that it is perfect since this is my first project so we are pushing for next month. We  had some things to push it back and I went on a tour with King Los and it set me back a little bit but you  can expect passion on this. My heart is in this type and you can learn about me and how I feel about life. This mixtape is deep. I put my heart into this and I am hoping the world can take it in.

Fierce: Where can people find your music?

Simmie: You can find me on  type in Simmie Green and everything can pop up. I also have some songs on as well.

Fierce: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and supporters?

Simmie: Yeah I want to say I appreciate everyone supporting this movement and shout out to everyone that is on their grind. Keep pushing and shout out to Saginaw and Pittsburg and my label.


5 fun facts about Simmie Green

  1. What is your favorite color?


  1. Who would play Simmie Green in a movie if one was made about you?

I got to go with Denzel he is the best, him or Forest one or the two.

  1. Were you upset that Kendrick Lamar did not name you in Control?

Nah not at all

  1. Boxers or Briefs?

Um boxers

  1. Is sex better than love or no?

Nah it isn’t.

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