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09 Sep Simply Put…..J. Brooka

Originally from Sumter, South Carolina but now residing in Texas Simply Put he is J. Brooka. A young man working to make a better life for his family and whose music oozes with confidence that he was just born with.  Military trained but the spirit of a hustler J. Brooka is on his way to leave a mark on this game. -Mz. Fierce 


Fierce: For those who may not be familiar with J.Brooka can you introduce yourself to the world?

J Brooka: Simply put my name is J Brooka and I have been rapping 10 years. I have been all over the world but my biggest influences are T.I., Eminem, Outkast, and Kanye West.

Fierce: Tell us a little bit about J.Brooka the man and the artist?

J Brooka: My mother was in the military so I was fortunate enough to be born in Germany but raised in South Carolina. I come from humble beginnings. My mom was a single mom raising 3 kids so I’ve inquired that grinding spirit, that hustle spirit. I got everything on my own. Nothing was ever giving to us and my focus is not on the fame, not on the money, and the cars but I just love music. I pray my music is a way that I can allow my mom to live a lavish life and take care of her for the rest if my life. I want to pay her back for raising 3 kids so that is my biggest motivation, to take care of my mom and my family.

Fierce: Was it a hard decision at all to decide that this is what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?

J Brooka: Well growing up I was always the class clown and I was the outgoing one and more known for my antics with entertaining people and music is another way to connect with people. Growing up I was singing on the choir so I always had a connection with music and when I found out I had a talent it was a beautiful thing. I am struggling but I am trying to make something bigger out of my struggle. It does get hard but it is a beautiful thing.


Fierce: With making the decision that music will become your life, how difficult has it been as far as sacrifices being made and possibly not having a personal life as well?

J Brooka: I have been broke, I have been homeless and down and out and have experienced the worst of the worst situations trying to make this happen. Spending all my money and living the struggle trying to promote my music somehow. It has been real and God has been blessing me making sure that it does not get too hard. Sometime when it seems it is getting dark there is a beautiful thing that happens and I stay prayerful.



Fierce: With the songs that I have listened to (S.A.N.D.O.S. and Kanye) you have an aggressive style and are very cocky, where did all that confidence come from?

J Brooka: Honestly it’s just confidence. Confidence is something that you are born with. Growing up I had to be myself and comfortable and that leads to my being confident. I do not have to hear that I am this or that because I already know that I am. I never felt that I had to act different to fit in. Me just knowing who I am and knowing what I stand for and believing in myself leads to my confidence. I have always been confident. It’s never been a short coming. I am actually trying to become more humble since I have some much.

Fierce: Do you think that you have a different persona when you get in the studio and record and when you are performing as well like how Beyoncé becomes Sasha Fierce or T.I T.I.P.?

J Brooka:  I don’t think there is an alter ego I just think when it time to go on I just step it up a notch. When it comes to the studio and time to perform I am on a different level.  I am a lot more focus and energized but as far as an alter ego I would not say that.

Fierce: How would you describe yourself as a rapper? Are you more of a lyricist when it comes to your rhymes?

J Brooka: I really wish you could have heard more of the tape but I try to be well balanced. All of my tapes I try to have just bars where you can see it’s just not turn up but you can get a piece of me. I try to balance the women songs with the turn up songs and the bars so I will say I am a well-rounded artist.

Fierce: What sets you aside from all of the other artist in your area and outside of your area that are up and coming?

J Brooka: In Texas you know we have a distinctive sound that Kirko Bangz, the chopped and screwed sound and me not being from Texas my sound is different. It’s me.  I lean more to the southern type rap if I had to pick a region but I am not from Texas and they have a totally different way rapping for them out here.

Fierce: With your music what do you feel that you can accomplish or would like to accomplish?

J Brooka: I would like to be a rapper but an actor as well like with Will Smith. I love how he did it, it was perfect. I want to be an all-around entertainer and acting is something that I would love to do.

Fierce: Do you believe that your music can stand the test of time and why?

J Brooka: I believe so. Music is timeless. If they play a certain song from the 80’s, if you can relate to it, it doesn’t matter. It’s like Michael Jackson and his music plays such a great influence. Maybe not every song that I make but some songs years from now if they listen to it they can relate.

Fierce: What’s next for J Brooka?

J Broka: We’re just trying to get these videos out. My goal is to flood the city with my tapes and shoot these videos and get my fan base up.  I am always working on new material and once I accomplish those 2 tasks I am going to keep pushing.

Fierce: Anything you would like to say to your fans and supporters?

J Brooka: First of all I would like to thank anyone and everyone that supports local artist because at one time everyone was a local artist. Thank God for my manager being in my life, she is hard at work being there for me. My family. I will make sure we are all eating and for those who are not a fan right now I will do something that will make you a fan. I am next up.




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