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23 Mar Simply Shawnna

Yes I am so excited for this interview. I love when I am able to have a strong, intelligent , and talented woman on my site. Shawnna definitely fits the description. She is a mother of two, a wife, and a woman creating her own destiny. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with this young woman. I thank her for taking the time out of her busy schedule to talk to me and I hope you all enjoy the interview. -Mz. Fierce 


Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you can you please introduce yourself?

Shawnna: I am Shawnna Lawrence and I am from Jacksonville, Florida. I am an actress, a model, and the mother of two, a girl and a boy.

Fierce: You started off going to school for Finance, what was it about acting that attracted you to it?

Shawnna: Well I had always took up drama and art and I started off in pageants and doing children modeling. Finance is strictly numbers and my heart was not in to it. I love the spotlight and I have to be on the go all the time. I am ADD x 5 and acting has always been a calling for me and has been an outlet for me.

Fierce: Were you scared at first to do a total 360 and branch out into another career where there is no guaranteed paycheck when you first begin or if you will make it or not?

Shawnna: Oh yeah I definitely have had my ups and my down within the industry. It is really tough; initially when I first got my first big break I just had my son, I had certain weight, and I am heavily tattooed and that is zero tolerance for some sets. I have went to wardrobe fittings and they have asked who the hell bought her here. It was really hard for me some casts were all white and me being the only black on a set was tough. I was even criticize for my hair and tattoos and it was a wreck. I will never forget where I have had roles and called my publicists crying because I couldn’t believe how these people were acting on sets but, I also have had roles where it was amazing and I had the cast come up to me an offer me jobs.


Fierce: Who are some of the actors or actresses that you look up to when studying this art form?

Shawnna: The actresses or actors that I look up to are Queen Latifah and Angela Bassett, they have planted their feet in this industry as well as Laurence Fishburne, Terrence Howard, an Eddie Murphy.

Fierce: What is like for you when you are getting ready to perform and you have to get into character?

Shawnna: There is a whole line of preparation literally. I like to research the role and the character that I am playing. In a sense I try to live in that character. I change my personality and I embody the character. I bring characters home and I have had my husband ask me what is wrong with me literally. I get so into the role it is hard to come out of it especially going through months and months of lines readings.


Fierce: Has there ever been a role that you have accepted that has just taken you to the extreme when it comes to emotions?

Shawnna: Yeah I actually did. There was a role I took on in a play and what happened was, I watched my mom growing up being battered. I took on a role of a young woman that no matter how much he battered her she would not leave and I had to really embody this role of being battered. It kind of stirred of my household and the perspective I had on men was bad and when I did those tears it was something. It was very emotional at the time.

Fierce: Is it hard for your husband?

Shawnna: Yeah in the beginning it was rough. They sometimes do not want to work with someone that is married. I had to do a love scene that required me to be naked and we were getting down most of the time and he could not deal and I could respect it. It was hard for me. They wanted me licking on somebody…. yeah I could not do it.

Fierce: Seeing more and more African Americans being acknowledge for their roles in movies and winning Oscars how does that make you feel and how do you feel about them winning or being nominated for Oscars when they are playing roles such as slaves, or the roll of  Halle Berry in monsters ball?

Shawnna: Yeah well I mean it’s a lot of movies that lately will piss you off and a lot of them I have stopped watching them. There is so many things that has to do with race out here that people do not want to acknowledge. I have not seen 12 years of slave and I do not know what’s it about and I do not want any parts of it


Fierce: What type of movies or roles would you like to play or not play?

Shawnna: Well I know a role I can’t take which is a nude role. I will not. I have declined a few of them for the respect I have for myself. I have a daughter who is in the industry as well and she is watching me and I want her to know she does not have to do that to get recognized.

Fierce: Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years career wise?

Shawnna: 10 years career wise I am definitely going to be on top and on the silver screen and on magazine covers.

Fierce: Where can we see your work?

Shawnna: The plays are in the 90s but for more my most updated work I am on Urban Ink that will be out soon and for the currents check on my website and follow me on twitter @asurity25.

Fierce: Anything that you would like to say to your fans or supporters?

Shawnna: I want to say thank you to my fans first and foremost. I thank you so much for being here for me and thank you to my PR and my manager. I am who I am today because of them and they continue to push me when I don’t want to continue.


Connect with Shawnna on all of her sites by clicking this one link




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