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23 Apr Sincerely, Amy Morford

I am so excited to present this interview with Amy Morford. Why? Because she is an AUTHOR and I am absolutely, positively a book lover. Amy started out writing books on the behavior of dogs and now has ventured in adult romance. We touch on touch topics as well as her new book, Sincerely the Boss. I hope you all enjoy.

Fierce:For those who are not familiar with you can you please introduce yourself?

Amy: My name is Amy Morford and I am an author and also a dog behavior specialist.

Fierce: I am very excited to speak with you because you are an author and I absolutely love to read. You have published numerous books pertaining to the behavior of dogs & their training. What drew you to write about this subject matter?

Amy: I got into training when I got my first German Shepherd when I was a kid. Our German Shepherd was not very well behaved, he would not come when I wanted him to come and I always said as a kid “my dog would be the bomb.” When I got my first dog I did not know anything so I started going to personal training classes and I was hooked from there. The training I had was old school training and I got to meet new people. I started to learn more and I wanted to know why the dog was doing what it was doing. I begin to learn that the dogs behavior is related to another stimuli be the owner or something else.

Fierce: Tell us a little about the Pup Pup Series you have.

Amy: So I was actually getting a new puppy, a German Shepherd, and my great niece who was 3 at the time, she started to ask questions about the dog and I was like ‘this is for pup pup’, ‘that is for pup pup.’ We called the dog Pup Pup since I did not have a name for them at the time. Her asking all of those questions regarding my getting the German Shepherd at the time sparked the Pup Pup Series. With the Pup Pup Series I am able to answer questions kids might have and teach them about being responsible for their puppies. I have 4 titles in the series and I am staying in my niche with this series. As I got into the writing of the series I started to become more creative with each book. I am able to tell the stories through the eyes. This series is personal for me. The series is very cute with lots of pictures for the ages 3-6.

Fierce: Now for someone such as myself who likes animals but might not necessarily love them, would reading your books possibly make me say hey “dogs aren’t that bad?”

Amy: No. I don’t think so. My books are for those who have a dog or are thinking of getting a dog and are planning ahead. I never try to convince anyone that they need a dog. It’s like if someone is scared of dogs you do not try to push the dog on them by no means. My books will not sway anyone to get a dog if they do not like dogs. It’s for informational purposes.

Fierce: Now let’s get into your latest project “Sincerely the Boss.” You wrote this alongside Wahida Clark, author of the Thug Series which I love! How did you go from writing about the training and behavior of dogs to writing about adult romance?

Amy: Well it was a journey. I started with what I knew and I kind of treaded water into the children fiction and from that point I was thinking… I wasn’t sure if I could do it. I started researching and met Wahida through networking and begin to think, “Why can’t I do it?” Once I got with her through networking and good fortune…. I mean she was absolutely wonderful through the entire process and I could not have done it without her.

Fierce: Tell us a little about the book “Sincerely the Boss”.

Amy: I wanted to create something that had a strong female, powerful sexy men, and it dealt with complications that aren’t your fault; falling for the wrong man, exes, children, & finances. I wanted to write about a topic that I love to read, thrillers and suspense. I wanted to read what I like to read and this story has a lot of plot twist, unexpected twist, and naughty romance. I didn’t read any of Wahida’s books until after I had finished writing. I wasn’t reading anything during the writing of this book. I have read all of her (Wahida’s) books and I must say this book, Sincerely the Boss, is very different Wahida’s over books. Some may be disappointed but that’s okay. This is not a Danielle Steele romance, this is not a thug book, I am not Wahida and she Is the Queen at what she does. I am very proud of this book, it’s done and it is out there.

Fierce: Do you have your next topic in mind for your next book?

Amy: Well I actually the ending I leave you hanging and I’ve already received feedback from people who are upset so there actually will be another book or two to follow up. I’ve got to get through this one first to see what happens. I am working out some things in my head so there will be more books.

Fierce: I’ve read before where authors say that they are so consumed by their writing they forget who they are and become the characters. Have you ever experienced this?

Amy: Not so much the dog books since its more instructional but definitely with the writing of “Sincerely the Boss.” My main character Margo, I got very consumed with. As I was writing I became very attached to her dealing with certain situations and having to make decisions. When I started out writing I had other things in mind but it is not how it ended up. I became so involved with Margo that when emailing Wahida she at one point referred to me as Margo

Fierce: Where can people find your work?

Amy: So everything is on Barnes & Noble, you can also go to my website I have my dog books along with the Pup Pup series with the links on where to buy them from on my website. The Pup Pup series is also on amazon digital and audible but the easiest place to go is my website. Also on my website “Sincerely the Boss” is on the home page with a character diagnostic that you can download for free.

Fierce: Any last words you would like to leave with your fans and or the audience?

Amy: You know when it comes to fan base its new to me but I look forward to current fans ,future fans and hope to get out to meet and greet everyone. Also for anyone looking to write or do anything, quit blocking yourself. We are our biggest obstacle. Set a goal, write it down, make sure it is realistic, and carve out time to work on it


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Sincerely, The Boss


Working tirelessly in menial jobs, Margo Harris hopes to rebuild her life after being accused of a crime she didn’t commit. Her relationship with her children is strained, her ex-husband is a jerk, and life isn’t easy, but she’s determined to make everything better when a sexy regular at her restaurant, Salvatore Mazzillo, gives her an offer she can’t resist. Even if she wanted to.

Caught up in a world of murder and deceit, Margo finds herself torn between steamy, passionate nights between the sheets and the truths she doesn’t want to face. As she unravels mysteries from her past, she begins to question the things she holds most dear. In a world of loyalty and lies … who can she trust? Who will she cling to? One wrong decision and Margo could lose it all. Again.

This breathtakingly sensual and suspenseful ride will have you questioning what real love means in a web of intricate stories and. . .are people really who they say they are?


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