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21 Mar Single 4 Eva

*SIGH* At the young age of 30 have come to the conclusion that I will possibly be single FOREVER!!!! I honestly do not want to be single but in this new day and age it is definitely hard to find a soulmate, let alone someone you can have a conversation with. My last relationship lasted for 5 years on and off and I have now been single for almost 2 years. By being single I finally realized what it is that I want and need and now that I know I do not entertain the bulls*t when it comes to the opposite sex. I do not want my time wasted nor do I want to waste their time. Why sit and pretend when 30 minutes into the conversation you already know it is not going to work? I dreams, goals, aspirations and I want someone I can build with. Someone to motivate me, inspire me, challenge me, cry with me, laugh with me, learn with me, and want ONLY me. Sad to say, I have yet to find that. I know I am not an easy picking but I’m worth it. I seem to come across men that honestly do not carry the traits I am looking for in a future husband and possible father to my unborn child(ren). Instead of settling for just anything as some women choose to do, I would rather stay single, continue to build my brand, be the best mother I can to my 2 babies, and become a better woman. Besides at this rate, I will be single 4 Eva!

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