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26 Jan Stack Boys

Stack Boys in the building tonight. I don’t why that came to mind but it did. I for one had never heard of these guys until I received an email from them. Of course, I checked out their music and I liked what I heard. Meeting them in person and sitting down having a conversation made me like their spirits and their drive even more. In a sea of talented artists only the strong and determined will reach the promise land and these young men have their eyes on the prize. If you have never heard of them, trust me you will soon. -Mz. Fierce 


Fierce: For those who are not familiar with you guys can you please introduce yourself to the world?

Stack Boys: Well I am J Boy, one half of the Stack Boys and I am 23 years old. I went to Claflin University and we have been rapping for 8 years now me and Tay. We really started to take it serious when we linked up with Ramiro (Ramiro Chavez) when we came home from school. I am Stack Boy Tay and I am 23 years old and yeah basically everything J just said. (Laughs)

Fierce: Now who is the Stack Boys and what does the name mean?

Stack Boys: I remember the exact day this happened. We were on the way to the studio to record our first song and the beat from the Crank Dat song came on. When the beat came on and we were vibing we decided to call ourselves Stack Boys.

Fierce: Now myself I have never heard of you guys so how do you guys plan on getting your name and music out more to the world to let the people know that you are here?

Stack Boys: First we have our mixtape which is on and we plan on putting it on live mixtapes as well, promoting it, and dropping the hard copies as well. We are dropping more visuals and music videos and the people are seeing us more and we have a show this Friday (01/24/2014) actually with Young Thug at club maze.

Fierce: Now how would you describe your style of music? Especially being from the South sometimes everyone’s style seems to sound alike.

Stack Boys: Really I can’t say we have a certain style. I feel we change it up now and then and we don’t stay in one lane. You know you can hear our influences in our songs as well but we don’t want people to think that we are taking their styles either. We have the down south feel with the Sprint song. We have singing on the mixtape and we have auto tune as well. It’s more of a smooth vibe tape when you are chilling at the house.

Fierce: Speaking of the South, how do you guys plan to stand out amongst the rest of the indie artist that are doing what you 2 are doing, trying to get their name out there?

Stack Boys: I feel that with the direction we are going with our music we are already standing out. As versatile as we are, we can hop on a track with anyone. I feel that if Drake came to listen to our music, he would like it and want to hop on it.

Fierce: Being in a group you know you can’t just make a decision, you two have to come to an agreement. Do you ever find yourselves at odds at times?

Stack Boys: It’s funny we never did at one point even during high school and we were living together but when  it came down to females we were sometimes at odds  but we have grown up and that does not happen now.

Fierce: It’s not too many groups out there, indie or mainstream, and if they do start out as a group they end up parting ways. How do you two plan on keeping the unit in tact?

Stack Boys: If we get to a point in our career that we have done everything that we could then yeah, we would probably go out and do different things but then get back together for a reunion. You have to keep your circle small and stay strong. Stay on the same page and make sure everyone is working on the same goal as you and communicate as well.

Fierce: How do you feel about the music scene in our area? Do you feel the people are supportive enough of the movement or do you think it can be better?

Stack Boys: No and that is another thing. If you listen to our music we don’t have a lot of songs with other people and that’s not because we don’t want too, it’s because everyone is competing and the ones that do get together they try to go against the other artist. It is a horrible lack of support. We need to come together and make great music and support one another. We are opened to working with other artist.

Fierce: What type of message will people get from listening to your music?

Stack Boy Tay: Basically we are trying to let people know how we are and who we are through the music and get a connection with the audience.

J Boy: We are two young black men that went to school and we are positive. Yeah everything we speak on is not positive but we have a story. We speak about what people can relate to that necessarily does not necessarily deal with the streets like J. Cole, he speaks about college and Sallie Mae. We can relate to it.

Fierce: Music right now seems to have received a boost of excitement from your Kendrick’s and J Cole’s with the lyrics coming back into play. How would you describe your style of music?

Stack Boys: We lyrical but we not no Kendrick Lamar or a Common, but we don’t dumb down the music. We want the people to understand the music. We stick to what we say. We spit and we will put our raps up against anyone, but it is a difference between making good songs and being able to rap. You have to understand it, as well people have to comprehend what you are saying as well.

Fierce: Where can the people go to find your music?

Stack Boys: We have and our YouTube page stackboys864, soundcloud stackboys864, and reverbnation stackboys.


Check out the Stack Boys on these sites as well




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